Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The down side to moderating comments is that not every comment gets published in a timely manner.  Sometimes a later comment will get published before an earlier one simply because I receive the initial email when I'm at home rather than on my phone on the go.  My apologies for this, but it will also continue to be that way.  I have decided to keep my comments on moderated simply because every time I decide not to, "anonymous" people tend to take advantage of that.  Thankfully, while moderated I rarely get the negative comments.  More proof that people are simply looking for a public cheap thrill.  Not that I mind not getting them when I'm moderated tho :)

Anyway, sorry about the delayed publishing, and please do not take it personally or think you've somehow offended me if it takes yours longer to be published than another!  Of course, if it is offensive or only intended to make trouble, I'll read it and delete it.  Those aren't the sweet people that are afraid they've offended though :)

Blessings, and THANK YOU for commenting.  It is always nice to receive feedback and encouraging to hear similar stories as well as questions.  More posts with answers to some of the comment questions to come.  If you have questions please feel free to post in the comments at any time.  Please leave your name if you post a comment.


  1. Ah! Now I understand better! Thank you for explaining!

    I actually like when people have moderated comments on their blogs, because somehow it feels nice to know that the blog owner to whom the comment is written is actually the first to read the comment :-) And I fully understand that you need to moderate comments. Some people are sadly seeking to fill the black hole inside themselves through hurting others.

  2. I agree with Milena. I moderate my comments. There has been times that some have left not so nice comments when I post about RR... and I delete them.