Thursday, October 07, 2010


Now that I’ve posted Aleksa’s story, and the ‘start’ of the RR UA program… the gaps are filled in a bit better as far as her story and our story.  Why this child is so important to us, why our hearts are wrapped up in this little girl regardless of how much sense it makes.  Why we are so committed to spending time on our knees and seeking God’s will about it because it would be so easy for our hearts to just get lost in this one…
And so, hypothetically if God sent you to Ukraine for a little girl who then you were told you can’t bring home, then you went on to adopt 2 other children who you KNOW God led you to and God blessed your family and children.  Then He used you to minister to children and families for 2 years and added 2 more children to your home through birth and adoption.  THEN, He brought you to a place of stepping out to the unknown and said to go bring home a little boy with multiple needs and the brightest smile.

And then… out of nothing and nowhere… God brought back the little brown haired girl who you loved on and told goodbye, who has lived for 3 years in an institution in her country, and who *may* be released for adoption… now.  And you were approved for her adoption as well as the little boy, and you feel like God has led all of this and opened so many ‘impossible’ doors… yet you have no idea whether it’s all for the purpose of bringing her home or for some other reason all together…

And that leads me to where I would love some help/advice.  Hypothetically, of course… where, then, would you look for the $13-17k that would be necessary to even be able to say ‘yes’ if the director was willing to release that sweet little girl that started it all 3 years ago?

And how, oh my goodness, how, would we be able to go there and say “I’m so glad you’re willing to allow us to adopt her… but… we cannot.  Because we can’t pay for her adoption.”
We can’t say ‘yes’ without it.  And we don’t know what God’s plans may be to provide it.  So, here we are asking for creativity… guidance… help… or whatever it may mean for you personally.  What might you do in this situation?

After praying overnight about this, I’d like to ask each and every one of you to do this: pray.  Pray for us, pray for Wesley, pray for Aleksa.  Pray for the families that are deciding right now whether they will keep their child with disabilities to raise or if they will leave them at the hospital. 

And when you talk to God on our behalf, on behalf of the children that we are going to Ukraine to meet, and the children in limbo of their future, ask God what He would have you to do.  And when He speaks, act.  That’s the hardest part.

Now, some fine print for you... :)
**For reference… any funds raised for Aleksa that don’t go toward our attempts to bring her home will be donated to the RR Connecting the Rainbow Birth Parent Support… because there is where the ANSWER to the orphaned kids with disabilities lies… in education and support for their parents so they can be integrated into their own society.

** The estimated $13-17k is broken down to the following: $8500 facilitation fee, $1000 US immigration and visa fees, $1000 plane ticket (already sponsored), $200 medical, approximately $3k transportation in country (because she’s not close to where Wesley is located), and $1k orphanage donation.  Plus approximately $100/day for any time over the time we expect to take on Wesley’s adoption. 


  1. Meredith, my prayers are with you this morning & all the children God has brought into your path & those you minister to, not even having met or spoken to. I want to help, but am not sure how. You can bet I'll be praying on that, too. Bless you & your entire family. Love & hugs.
    Tanya, Skylar, Sully, Steffani & Sabrina's Momma

  2. Money is easy for God. If He wants you to adopt Aleksa, He'll give you the money. All you have to do is move forward in faith. He'll take care of the rest.

    I will pray that God makes His will in this clear to you.

  3. Praying right now!!

    It's okay to send donations to your Reece's Rainbow FSP, right?