Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I’m back!

Three days with no Internet or phone almost cuts a person off from society ;)

I have actually enjoyed it, though… I’ve spent extra time outside with the kids, extra time cooking and cleaning around the house, and extra time just sitting back relaxing on a phone call (outside, on my cell phone, since I have no cell reception in the house).  It’s kinda nice :)

But I’m glad to have Internet back because some things take 20 times more time when done on a tiny little telephone keyboard and some things have been completely set aside until I could get back on a regular computer.

Back to reality, though… I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and praying in addition to more time tending to the house, kids, and hubby.  I believe that Michael and I are both at a point where we are looking for God’s provision for us to be able to say yes to adopting Aleksa if the opportunity presents itself.  I’ve been thinking about… transportation, seats at the table, bedrooms, and toys.  Clothes, doctor’s appointments, food, and toileting.  All kinds of daily task kind of stuff which we’ve been playing through what they could possibly look like if we are to adopt both Wesley and Aleksa. 

I’d love some recommendations from the experts (PARENTS) on two things:

1. A lightweight, 5 pt harness, sturdy, 1 hand steer-able, folding (TIGHT) and easily transported (airplanes and trunk) single stroller that will hold bigger kids (like Wesley).  I don’t think that the wheelchair we plan to use with him would be good to take because it’s too bulky for the little Ukrainian transportation… I’m not looking for an adaptive stroller, just a regular stroller I can buy online for travel and occasional use after.  Until we replace our vehicle, we won’t be able to transport his wheelchair in our van if we have any of the big strollers along as well, so it will be more than just the trip overseas that we’ll use it for.  We don’t have a single that is sturdy right now at all.

2. A sturdy double stroller that will hold two “bigger kids” (Wesley and Emma) that is not an arm and a leg in cost and folds down to a reasonable size.  Emma still fits in our WONDERFUL Valco stroller but not really well with the front 3rd seat attached.  So a double that will better seat Wesley and Emma to be used in conjunction with the triple for the boys and Lynae seems like it may be a good idea.  We’re not in a hurry to purchase something, nor do we have the ability to do so right now, but we’d like to be looking so we know what to get if the situation warrants it :).

I will post more about our decisions and our needs with Aleksa soon.  We’re fumbling through what we need to do and seeking out God’s will.  It appears that we won’t have a clear answer as to whether or not we’ll be bringing her home until we are in her country and have met with the director.  But we cannot say yes to her adoption without any funding for it.  That’s not only unrealistic but also irresponsible.  So now we are waiting to hear out what God’s plans are for funding this endeavor before we go.  And we’re still working through that.

Thanks to everyone that is praying!  We feel your prayers and we are truly at peace with not knowing the outcome.  As strange as it seems, I can honestly say that I know God’s will WILL be done.  And however He chooses to use this vessel to accomplish that, we are ready and waiting, open to His calling, and excited to see what it may be. 

It’s almost like we’re excited about a pregnancy and we’ve been told that there’s a possibility of twins :).  And yet, it’s so much more real to that because I’ve held and kissed on both of the children that we will be meeting overseas… One baby is an absolute blessing… as would be two…


  1. We use a Graco light weight stroller with a 5 point harness. It can be expanded to higher chest heights. The footrest does not extend for longer legs, a flaw. But it is light and small and can fit places a wheelchair can't. It holds up to 55 pounds.

  2. Meredith-I'm a follower from South Africa. "met" you on downsyn and just following along your journey with your beautiful children AND your walk with God. I wish I could be of more help, but we think the McClaren strollers are wonderful. Its pricey over here, but less than Peg Perego. I think earlier this year someone asked about them on downsyn and got several recommendations. I know they fold up small and I know the double stroller fits through most?all doors>

  3. My sister travels a lot and takes pride in being trendy, efficient, well organised and well researched on anything she buys. She ended up with the Quinny Zapp Stroller for when she travels. She loves it. It is super compact when you fold it down, and it is easy to push, and light weight. Good luck finding just the right one.

  4. Hi Meredith,

    First of all congratulations! God is an Awesome God and He has an Awesome plan in store for your family.
    I am praying for you!

    Second, We took a Maclaren quest stroller to Taiwan with us when we adopted our 5 year old daughter with CP. It was wonderful, and a life saver. It is light weight, steers like a dream, folds down nicely. We had no trouble checking it in for all of our flights. It is not very expensive on Ebay. There are lots of different Maclaren strollers, I think the quest gives you all that you need without being too expensive. I plan to bring it with when we travel to E.E. to adopt our new daughter Jillian!