Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our trip to the ZOO!

There are FIVE giraffes at the zoo now!  In the very back there’s a new baby, and a mom and dad and… I’m guessing 3 other ‘kids’ based on the way the workers were talking about this family…


Most of the kids were intrigued by the giraffes.  Brianna was showing her independent spirit and sat behind us on the bench… :)

DSCN8301 DSCN8302

Then, when the giraffe came close, she was RIGHT THERE.  She loved it!  Kristopher and Brianna were ‘buddies’ since they both were down and mobile, so he took that as a good opportunity to scoot right in with the cute little girl (who everyone let through to the front) and he got in close too!

DSCN8304 DSCN8306

One of the other giraffes then decided that we were a good thing to look at.  He was probably counting how many kids were in the stroller… This picture is not zoomed at ALL, and my kids had their feet on that fence.  Ironically… Micah was looking UNDER the beam and had NO IDEA that that big spotted moving thing in front of him was actually alive and connected to a head with eyes up a little further.  This is probably a good thing since he freaks out at petting zoos…


We met up with friends to visit while we walked around the zoo and between the 5 kids in their family and 6 in ours, we were quite the crowd.  ALL of the kids were great, though, and there was no issue with the two moms being completely outnumbered by 11 kids age 8 and under! :)

DSCN8321 DSCN8322

The ‘riding crew’ enjoying the boardwalk.  This zoo is great for strollers, it has walkways everywhere… except the parking lot where I about had a heart attack trying to get the stroller through the 50 feet of sugar sand!!


All the kids together...


Next time we get together at the zoo, instead of being a group of 11 kids, they will have their new baby and we will also have Wesley and maybe Aleksa in our family as well! I’m sure it will be great as a group of 14 as well!


  1. You ARE amazing and you have an amazing family too!

    I so wish I could have the patience to handle a bigger family too....

  2. Looks like you had so much fun!

  3. How fun!! Okay, your quadruple stroller is awesome!!!!

  4. I've always wondered how you stayed so skinny. Now it all makes sense! It's the pushing four kids in the stroller diet!

    I'd like to sign up for a week or two of that, ok? It's like a cardio, strength training program all in one.

    (and the fact that you have some of the cutest kids ever doesn't hurt)