Friday, October 22, 2010


**I wrote this post before Emma’s spontaneous walking, so, bear with me as it is now “old news”, but… here you go anyway ;)
Emma has come SO FAR in such a short time!  In the last few weeks she’s begun standing independently in the middle of a room! 
This clip is a little long, but it’s well worth it :).  When I asked Emma to hold my hand, I was just out of her reach.  She’s never taken a step independently and I was coaxing her to do it… to no avail.  If you watch her hands when I first ask, you can see her sign “no” LOL.  James also walks through the picture, he’s SO steady now and walking all over, even carrying his own backpack.
Of course Brianna needs in on it too… and tries her hand at being disobedient :).
Emma is such a funny little thing!  She has such cute little mannerisms :)  She loves the flashcards and does great immediately mimicking signs for them! (ask her a few min later…. not so much).  She also is GREAT about looking at me when I ask.  Which is very nice!  That was one of the first things we really worked hard on with each of our kids…
And then… her walking!!  It’s hard to help her walk at the same time as I’m trying to videotape her!  But, at the request of my mother, there is a little video of what she’s currently doing :)
Here is a little of Brianna, Micah, and James playing together the other night.  They are SO fun together! :) :)


  1. Amazing, beautiful girl. I love how she signs I love you at the end. :)

  2. It must be so much fun for your kids having so many siblings to play with at home!!

    I just wanted to ask a question with regards to your childrens develoment (and hope not to offend in any way!)
    I notice that Brianna appears much more advanced developmentaly than your other little ones, where as Emma needs a little more help in reaching milestones such as standing and walking.
    Do you think this is because Brianna never spent any time in an orphanage and thus had access to help and love from both you and your husband, as well as services such as occupational therapy, or do you think Emma would have always taken a little longer and a little more nurturing and attention to reach these physical milestones??

    Thank you, and good luck in your upcoming trip to bring your Wesley home!! I look forward to seeing another happy little boy being loved by a family :)

  3. These videos are so sweet!! If you ever want me to come video for you (so that you can have your hands free and actually be in it) let me know. Maybe we can convince Miss Lynae to take a few steps on video before Mommy leaves :).
    I really enjoyed hanging with the kids yesterday (and you...and even Mike, haha) and would love to see them again maybe a little earlier during PLAY time. ;)
    Love to you all!

  4. Thanks for the video, as, even when I am around, she does more for you because you know to ask her to do those things. I love the signing to the cards. Maybe she'll teach me some that I don't know yet :) Gma

  5. That is just amazing! i have been reading your blog since right when emma had her heart surgery,(although i went back and read all the others!) and i am just SO happy at how far she has come! I cannot believe she is walking! God is amazing :)

  6. what a wonderful thing to see, that sweet Emma has proven so many wrong. She is amazing.
    So I see who the little mommy is at your house,lol B's hair is SO long and pretty

  7. Oh my goodness, look at her!!! Yay!

  8. wow Emma is amazing! so awesome. I just saw the pumpkin pictures dont'know how I missed them, but they are cuteI am tryingto post about you all,dont have time to write a book,lol but I want to do your family justice :) you all are in my prayers

  9. Is that the same little girl who gave me such grief about learning to walk (Brianna)? Now she's leaping off of things! Someday, that will be Emma too!