Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Travel Date and an invitation to speak at the Embassy!!


We got our travel date, our SDA appointment is Nov 4th! YAY!!! We're coming Wesley!!! (and Aleksa!)


I've been invited to speak to the US Embassy with people from the Italian and Spanish Embassies there as well on TUESDAY.  Yes, the 26th!  I'm getting ready to leave on Sunday!  Andrea may do a video conference with them instead (I offered for her to go in my stead, and she's looking in to that) but it is exciting either way!  It's to present for an hour about special needs children, specifically those with Ds and  how we raise them and what Ds is.  YAY!!!!

I'm waiting to hear back as to whether I'm leaving on Sunday or waiting for our SDA appt a week later.  Hoping to go speak this week tho.  Wow!

Ok, off to pack, and make phone calls, and get money out of the bank, and and and... It's here!!

Please read the post below and watch the video if you haven't already!

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