Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Patch :)

We went to the pumpkin patch today! After school we stopped at a local church patch and we all piled out of the car.  We managed to do the pumpkin patch AND everyone pick a pumpkin with no stroller :)  That was quite an accomplishment in my book!  Micah held Kristopher’s hand (and they both did great), Lynae was in her carseat carrier and hung out in the shade (cheating, I know), and James and Emma held my hands and walked with me.  Brianna minded nicely and didn’t leave the patch- even putting each pumpkin back where she’d found it after picking her initial pumpkin to bring home :).

Here they are, the great pumpkins with their great pumpkins :)


I think that’s the first picture of the six kids all standing (even if two are leaning on the door)!

It took Emma a little time, but she eventually decided that the pumpkin wasn’t so bad…

DSCN8335 DSCN8336

Brianna and James didn’t want to give them back to me ;)


Micah, still doesn’t like it :)  But he didn’t scream.  And Lynae screamed, when Brianna took hers away…



  1. I love the picture of everyone standing with their pumpkin. What an adorable gang!

  2. Your children are absolutely beautiful :-)

  3. I think thats a great picture of all 6 Kids! I Love there different sizes of pumpkins too, They fit each of them perfectly :)

  4. I Love the pic of all 6 of the Kids! Each Pumpkin fits them perfectly!

  5. Wow! Great picture! They are so cute! All of them!