Tuesday, September 14, 2010


OK, that message that I posted an hour or so ago that my mother claims is in adoption code LOL says that I needed one more piece of paper-- immigration approval-- for my dossier (paperwork for the adoption) to be complete so I can drive it all to Tallahassee for apostilles (state level seal that says the notaries are real).  And... I just called USCIS (immigration) and they said... we were approved on Septmber 11th!!  That means that this magical last important piece of our dossier should be in the mail RIGHT NOW and we should have it in our hands before I leave!


This is 7 weeks since we committed to adopting Monroe.  That alone says that it is GOD that has done it all.  Amazing and wonderful, what a good God we serve!

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  1. god sure is amazeing isnt he??whenever i have prayed he has answered me always you guys adopting monroe was one of them.

  2. The God we serve is an AMAZING God. I am so happy to hear that the prayers that were offered up for your family were answered. I will now be praying for safe travel for you, and for your family as you are away.