Friday, September 03, 2010

Dossier progress!

We were fingerprinted yesterday! Here's hoping that we might come in under the wire and get our 171H approval from USCIS before the 15th... God can do it!!

We are going to finish our medicals today, we're waiting on Michael's employment letter, and we've got a few other things just to photocopy (but their coversheets are alredy notarized). One more "print, sign, and notarize" document to do (I didn't have an extra copy and the pen ran when signing it) and our dossier will be FINISHED!

We're so close! Just a few little pieces of paper and a trip to Tallahassee (and one paper needs to fly solo to Maryland and back) and we will be DONE!

Please continue praying for our last documents! I really thought "impossible" when I was burdened to pray that it would be done by September 13th so everything could be approved and apostilled on the 15th to bring with me to Ukraine on the 17th. But, if this is God's timeline, then He will fulfill it!

IF we have our immigration approval in time for me to bring it to Ukraine with me, then it is very possible that we could be traveling before the end of October. WOW! It's in God's hands, we continue to release it to Him. But loking out at the prospect of being home for Christmas sounds wonderful! :)

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  1. That is AWESOME! I know you can do it....GOD CAN DO IT! :o)