Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Oh my… Lynae is ONE!

Happy Birthday to my baby girl!
I can’t believe it’s been a year since you were born, and yet it feels like you’ve been with us forever.  Thinking back on your birth it was one of the scariest and most wonderful things all in one.  I never thought I’d be so nervous to have a scheduled c-section, but waiting for you was such a different experience!  When I was pregnant with you I thought you were going to “seem big” after our other kids were all so petite.  But when they brought this tiny baby over for me to kiss your cheeks and fingers before wisking you away to clean you up, I knew that God had special plans for you. 

It’s amazing to see you learn and grow each day.  I’m relearning what the ‘typical’ goals at different ages are, and you’re teaching me that no matter what there’s more love to give.
We are so proud of you and you bring your daddy and I so much joy. 
I love our morning snuggles even if it does mean getting up at 4am.  I love our playtime when the kids all decide to go to school and we sit and sing silly songs.  I love to hear your giggle and that playful little smirk you show me when I tease you.  I love that you expect to be held every minute that you see me and that you think that sitting down on the job is unforgivable.  I love that you play so sweetly with all your brothers and sisters yet all they have to do is look at you crooked and you burst out in tears.  I love that you have your very own little personality and that you let us know your needs and wants and try to get away with everything you can.
I love that you know ‘no’ and will turn around and go the other direction, put down the cheerio you found on the floor, and even close the baby gate for me.  I love that you think baby food is out of style and want only finger foods for dinner now and sippy cups—no bottles.  I love that you call me maaaaaaa maaaaaaaa at the top of your lungs and then you giggle when I laugh at you for fussing over nothing.  I love when you sign “all done” and tell me then hand me your pacifier or your cup.  I love that you think that when you’re finished eating that you should pick up your cheerios or peas one by one and hand them to me to clear off your tray.
I love that I can stand you up and step away and you laugh and half cover your mouth up like you’re playing shy.  And if distracted, you’ll stand there for quite some time… but as soon as you realize you’re standing, you squat right down and crawl away!  I love that you think we don’t notice when you cruise all around.  I love that one day soon you’re going to let go and surprise yourself by walking across the room unassisted. 
I love that you’re you, and that I’m me, and that you have a special place in our family where God put you.  I love you, Lynae Sarah Cornish!  Happy First Birthday!
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  1. Oh Meredith she is just precious!

  2. So precious!! Love all the pics and what a sweet message to a precious girl! Happy birthday!!

  3. So beautiful, Mer! All the kids are getting so big-- I can hardly believe my eyes. You are such a blessed lady. Hugs to everyone!

    Tanya, Skylar's Momma

  4. Happy birthday little Meredith! She looks just like you.

  5. Happy birthday, Lynae!! Beautiful photos.

  6. Awwww. She's adorable! You'll have to keep that message and let her read it when she's older--so sweet!