Monday, September 27, 2010

A name for beautiful…

He has a name!
Thank you for ALL the suggestions!  We had over 140 individual names, over 75 comments and several emails.  What a fun way to look through names and read the different meanings and purposes of the names being suggested.  There were names suggested from every letter of the alphabet except q, x, and y, and some very unique ones as well as many that are well known or biblical names.
In the end, we ended up with a first name that no one suggested!  I don’t know quite how that happened.  We went through the pages and pages of suggestions, then went looking online at meanings and several years of “popular names”.  When I say years of them, I mean… 1900’s. 1960’s, and 1940’s.  It was fun!
And when all had been looked at and his photos were brought up, we came up with the name that we will be giving to our son.
Wesley Thomas Cornish
DSCF0611 DSCF0577 DSCF0582 DSCF0604
And so… for the chocolate… I will be sending a bar out to “Mama” because she is the first comment suggesting the name Thomas, and also to “Amyimboden” for being the second suggestion of the name (it was suggested by 10 people!) since Wesley wasn’t on the list. 
Thanks for ‘playing’ and for helping us come up with so many great names!  Your support through joining in the game means a lot to us!
I have one more chocolate bar that just might need to be given away before our appointment… so stay tuned for another fun game before I travel!

Also… a little adoption update.  Though our dossier was complete before I traveled, we had an issue that only *I* could have.  It’s called… after having my husband’s medical done 4x, we ended up with two copies of HIS medical and NONE OF MINE!
So, we weren’t submitted last week (even our dossier and facilitation teams didn’t catch this for a while, so weird!) and the paper should be there by Wednesday for us to be submitted on Thursday of this week.  Please pray that it is all well and good and is submitted this week!  We are praying for a quick appointment as well. 
I even brought home some chocolate candies that I think I need to give to the doctor’s office since they redid my medical PERFECTLY and immediately and with the specifications I needed in order to not have to redo other paperwork as well.  God is good, ALL THE TIME!  And it will all happen in HIS timing!


  1. Love the name. It looks like it suits him!

  2. I love the name. Wesley is actually one of my favorites but since it wouldn't go well with our last name it's not even on my radar anymore. Too bad since I could have gotten some chocolate! LOL.

    Sorry about the document problem. I still think you've done all of this amazingly fast and that God will honor all of your hard work. I am praying that Wesley is in your arms soon.

  3. Nice choice! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to make suggestions.

  4. I thought Monroe was a good name and suited him - BUT after seeing the name Wesley Thomas - IT FITS HIM. I am in awe of you and your family. Lorna Holland and Rhonda Suchyna recommended your site. I have enjoyed reading your story.

  5. Great name! He looks like a Wesley :) I hope you get your doctor's letter soon so you can be submitted asap! That would be great to have him home before Christmas!

  6. Such a sweet name!

    (And it's fun being one of those who suggested Thomas, even though I didn't win!)

  7. Woohoo!! How exciting that my name was chosen! I have to say that Wesley is so perfect for him!

  8. He is beautiful! And so are you for are your selfless acts of love. Thank you for what you do!

  9. Great name, it does suit him! So happy for you all.

  10. First time commenter (though maybe I should have commented on the name post!), Wesley has been my favorite boy's name since childhood :o) I married a man with a last name that starts with W so it was out for us but I do love it! He has the sweetest smile, I just adore him. Can't wait to see him home where he belongs :o)