Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Additional Give-away! (for adoptive parents!)

Have you adopted between January 2008 and now (or are currently in process)?  Here’s an additional give-away for you!!
We’ll be giving away a $30 gift card for your choice of Wal-Mart or Target to buy something fun for your own little adopted sweetheart :) 
All you have to do is let me know that you donated to the chip-in by commenting on this post!  (if I won’t know that it’s you, please send some identifying info :) ) .  Tell me when you adopted in your comment.  If you have a blog, please leave us a link so others can follow your journey!
If you’ve adopted more than one child in this time period, please leave me a separate comment for each child (and you’ll get multiple entries!)
It’s that easy…  This give-away will run September 16-23rd and a winner will be chosen on September 25th!

*This give-away can enter you in BOTH the Vacation Give-AwayAND the Adoption Give-Away.  A donation of even $1 will enter you in the gift-card give away, but entries for the Vacation Give-Away are still based on chances per donation.  For instance, donating $10 and posting your info on this thread will enter you ONCE in the Vacation Give-Away and ONCE in the Adoption Give-Away.  If you’ve adopted twice in this time, then a $10 donation and two separate posts here will get you ONE chance in the Vacation Give-Away and TWO chances in the Adoption Give-Away!
** If you have already donated to the chip in, please just leave a comment here so you can be entered in this one as well!
***Questions? Email me! (mkp1982 at hotmail dot com) but please realize that I am out of the country so there may be a delay in anwering :)

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  1. We are in the process of adopting domestically. I can't put anything about the baby on here or on our blog until it's final.
    We're hoping to have the adoption final before Halloween.
    The baby is a blessing in our lives, and we are a blessing in his.
    I can't wait for finalization! We'll be posting more than 200 pictures on the blog, I'm sure. Plus, we'll officially join the Ds, heart defect, and adoption communities online. :)
    I donated to the chip-in last week.