Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We're on our way...

I can't believe the week is over!  In a way I'm ready to go home.  To see my kids, my husband, and the 'familiar' of home.  And on the other hand I'm ready to be back here and helping to get things off the ground for families that are so ready to jump with the information and skills that are available to them through the conference and our programs.

We have had such a great week.  Such a PRODUCTIVE week.  I hope to share more details about more of it but my brain is just on overload from all of the information and I can't begin to put it all down in writing.

The give-aways will close soon, so if you want to enter those, please do.  I am bringing home chocolate! :)

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  1. About the chocolate...
    Does that mean Monroe has a name??? :)

  2. does the fact that you are bringing home chocolate mean you guys have picked his name? So excited to hear if you have!