Saturday, September 04, 2010

One more day in paradise :)

Oh yes, I admit...I'm loving the 100 degree weather more and more when I think about all the emails I've been receiving about people being COLD in Ukraine!  I went to Wal-Mart today and returned the pants I bought on clearance last week which... don't fit.  And then to Target and bought some that do.  In case you're a similar build to me, I now know that Target CARRIES smaller sizes, whereas Wal-Mart has one here and one there. And I'm cheap, and even found some clothes on CLEARANCE! :)  I was looking for pants today, since I pretty much don't own any that fit.  Last winter I was still a bit bigger than I am now since I'd had a baby in September...

And now that baby is almost ONE!  I can't believe it!  Lynae is going to be a year old on Thursday, and Micah is going to be 4 on Friday!  It's exciting and scary all at the same time :)

Lynae has decided that she doesn't mind that she's almost one, she's very quick on her knees and tho she stands and cruises, she has no interest in walking LOL.  I'm sure she'll be there and fine in the next few months, but for now she prefers to walk with a toy to push or holding a hand (or two!) and isn't so motivated to take off on her own.  I'm ok with that, no point rushing the 'baby phase' though we are working on encouraging her :)

Micah has gotten 'mature' overnight!  He's listening so much more, he's responding to verbal directions, and, get this... yesterday I handed him his curved spoon and a bowl of macaroni and cheese... and he sat and ate it.  Yep, all by himself!  So proud of where he's headed, it's exciting to see the 'lights turn on'!

James' gtube continues to leak and today, out of frustration with the 5 oz bottle that was NOT digested and instead all came out onto the diaper wrapped around his middle... I took it out and put the mini button back in.  Surely it has to be SOME better, right?  We shall see.  We also began thickening his pediasure hoping that maybe it won't run out as much if it's thicker??  Here's hoping.  I will try anything at this point!  Thursday James came down with a fever again and he was home Friday and went to the doctor.  Nothing else but the fever, which went away on its own later on Friday.  Just wanted a few days home with Mommy maybe ;).  He's lost another pound over the week between doctor's visits, and that concerns me.  We have a GI appointment for him on the 13th and it can't be soon enough.  Hopefully they will have some answers for us then and hopefully the Mini button will be good until we can do that.

Off to clean off the dining room table so we can have my brother, sister in law, and some of her siblings (and maybe my other brother?) over for games and dinner tonight.  Looking forward to an 'adultish' evening :).  Last night Michael and I went out without the kiddos and had dinner out and lots of time to just hang out and talk.  With the 'busy' that it's easy to get in to, it's so important to both of us that we intentionally carve out time just to spend together and keep our marriage healthy.  Can't do anything for anyone else if we aren't healthy first...

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  1. Meredith, Sometimes when Tommy's g-tube is strange I look up issues on this website,

    They have been a wealth of information. I know you are super busy and probably the GI visit will provide the most info for James' situation, but I just thought to share the free resource.

    Take care! Sandi