Thursday, September 16, 2010

USCIS update

Yep, I called USCIS again.  This time I found out that our immigration approval was sent to supervisor review after being approved by our assigned officer and it wasn't mailed out until yesterday.  Not great news, but good to know that it IS in the mail now and that it should be here very soon!  If it doesn't arrive today, then it will 'meet' me in Ukraine in a few days via FedEx or UPS.  The coversheet is done and apostilled so all we need is a photocopy of that golden ticket.

I have a huge shopping bag with diapers, blankets, and thickening packets sitting by my front door waiting to go to school this afternoon, a 50 pound duffel bag with all kinds of educational supplies, gifts, and some "just fun" stuff for the orphanages and parent support centers, a small suitcase with my own clothes (and two gallon size bags stuffed with candy to give out!) and a backpack to go with me on the plane.  I always said that if I ever went back to UA it would be with just a backpack.  I lied. :)  But believe it or not, ALL of my things really did fit in the backpack until I added in the donations that made the big duffel bag go over the weight limit.  Now my things are split between the backpack and suitcase, and because of the extra room I allowed myself a luxury or two (a towel and a throw blanket!).

It's hard to believe that I'm leaving in the morning!  This trip has been planned and cancelled several times over the last 18 months, and was first 'conceived' as a hope about 2 years ago.  Now to see it begin to come to fruition (even though this is the first 1/2 of the intended trip) is nothing short of amazing.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our travels, for those we will meet up with, and for our families back home.  Today I'm praying specifically that this would be the mission trip that God intends with the divine encounters that He has planned.  I am praying that more than just giving the families tools to use and encouragement that they CAN parent their own children, that we would also give them a piece of the trust and dependence on our Heavenly Father to guide each step of the way.  We can't leave behind more than physical things to help them when we leave.  But the Great Counselor is who Jesus left for all those who know Him and that is of greater importance and greater use than all of the educational materials in the world.

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