Friday, September 10, 2010

Micah is FOUR!

Wow, how time really passes by quickly!
When I first laid eyes on you I couldn’t believe what a little BABY you were at 16 months old!  At just 11 pounds you were the size of a 3 month old in every way.  When the nurses handed you to me I felt like I was looking into the eyes of a newborn, and it was hard to even fathom that you had over a year’s worth of life behind those sleepy eyes.
Visiting with you at the orphanage was such a unique experience.  You wanted to be HELD, you waned to be cuddled, and yet you didn’t respond to anything positively.  It was tough but sweet at the same time.  Just as a newborn has so many needs but no smiled responses, you were in that phase for a while before we began to see your sweet personality come out.
I remember laying on the floor in the playroom with you on your belly across from me and we both just laid and stared into each other’s eyes as yours blinked to fight back sleep.  I’d wrap you in the sling and cuddle you during our entire visit some days and you thrived on just being close.  And you LOVED to snuggle with your daddy and feel the security of his arms.
When I finally brought you out of the orphanage with Emma I wondered what plans God had.  I was tired and you did nothing but cry.  Your stomach was upset, you wouldn’t eat anything for me and I was alone with the two of you.  God heard my calls and still you cried for days on end.  I wondered whether you would ever smile or calm down.
Now I look back and laugh.  Not because those days and those feelings weren’t real and valid, but because you are one of the happiest and most smiley little boys that I know!  You light up the room with your sweet grin and your easy laugh!  You have overcome so much in the last 2 1/2 years, and though we weren’t with you for the first months of your life, we joyfully celebrate your birthday, your life, and the gift you are to our family.
On the day you were born we were at a fundraiser to help cover the costs of some of Brianna’s surgeries.  We have so many photos of that day’s joyful event, and it wasn’t until you had been in our home for several months that I realized that it was that same day that you were born half a world away.  Our celebration was likely the same time as your birth parents’ realization of fears…  Our joy about our baby girl with Down syndrome coincided with the shattered dreams of parents our same ages that looked into the face of their much anticipated son and saw that he would not be accepted in their society.
I don’t know what your parents’ reasoning was for going home without their new baby boy, but I imagine that a great part of it was fear, lack of education, and a huge lack of support to raise you. 
In just one week, I’m going back to your birth country for the first time since bringing you home.  The sole purpose of our visit there is to help share you, and Emma, and Brianna, and James… with the parents there that went against all those things and brought their babies home.  And while we’re there… we’ll visit a maternity hospital.  One just an hour away from where you were born.  One where we hope that a mother may be impacted and decide that she, too, will accept the gift of a child with Down syndrome because of the education, support, and counsel from the doctors and nurses there.
We are so blessed to call you son. And though you experienced so much before God brought us together, we are so glad to have you now!  God has used you and Emma to stir so many hearts, and through your adoption to bring forth so many other adoptions and to help so many kids come home since God used you to stir my own heart into working with Reece’s Rainbow.
In just 2 1/2 years since I first met you, you sure have changed my world and my life for the better.  I love you Micah Daniel Cornish, and I’m proud to be your mommy!  Happy Birthday!
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  1. your children are just too cute..and soon monroe will be there too and i can see his little face just lighting up as he realizes love and a family for the first time..

  2. Awwww!! Happy Birthday to your sweet little Micah!! He is a doll!!

  3. What a cutie-bug! Happy Birthday Micah.

  4. Wow! What a difference a loving family has made in Micah's life! He is a beautiful boy! God is good!