Saturday, September 11, 2010

The long awaited Pictures! :)

Today we’re celebrating James’ 4th Birthday (August 14th, but he was sick and hospitalized just after…), Lynae’s 1st Birthday (September 9th), Micah’s 4th Birthday (September 10th), and James’ ADOPTION! :)
Here are the pictures of our adoption day for James!
The Judge with us and James!
Our whole family including Mike’s mom as well as James’ Foster mom, one of his night nurses since he was just a few months old, and his social worker.
IMG_1609IMG_1621 IMG_1627    IMG_1617
We weren’t sure how he would react to seeing “Mama Ruth” after about 3 months without seeing her… but if that smile is ANY indication… he was a happy little guy!  He giggled the entire time we did pictures.  And then? He came right back to Mommy.  We are so glad that he did well with us all together because we look forward to getting together regularly in the future! (she was out of state, that’s why there was no contact for so long!)
And a video that’s been waiting for such a day as this… Our first 4 months with James! (adoption day pic’s didn’t get added in yet, but I couldn’t wait to share! :)  )


  1. Awesome video! Awesome song selection!! So happy you are now able to share!!

  2. Congratulations!
    You and your family never cease to amaze me.
    I can only imagine how proud God must be looking down at you and all you have accomplished!
    I am still praying Monroe home!

  3. I loved your song choice. So glad to see all of your family finally, well with the exception of Monroe! Looking forward to him coming home.

  4. Meredith -
    Congratulations, love seeing the pictures of James.

    Now you need to update your about me - you have six (soon to be seven) kids not five :)