Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brianna was dry!

Her teacher says she was dry ALL DAY!

So, my thought was... I guess she needs to be drinking more :)

But they said she went on the toilet three times when they took her! So she is going. YAY!

I've known for quite some time she is ABLE to be toilet trained, but she only tells me once every few weeks that she needs to go, so I haven't pushed for toilet training. I can't put her on the toilet every 90 minutes all day long like they can at school. But hey, if she's doing it at school and will stay dry 3 days a week there, surely that will help transfer to home as well :) She's great about going if I put her on the toilet. I just want HER to be trained, not ME :)

Either way, yay for my big girl and a dry school day!


  1. yay for your big girl indeed!! I am so in wonder if my kids are trained in any way shape or form. My photos show Sophie in underpants. but the photo(strangely the only one) shows him sitting on a chux kind of pad. so WHO KNOWS!

  2. Oh, I hope Emily does just as well! Yay for Brianna!! :) :)