Friday, August 21, 2009

Smells like Summer Breeze

My entire house, that is! And no, I didn't open all the windows to let in a breeze. Then it would be called Undeniably HOT MUGGY FLORIDA WEATHER and likely called MILDEW in a day or so because of the amount of moisture that would be coming in the house. No... this Summer Breeze would be the scent of the disinfectant spray that I just used to spray down the ENTIRE house. The two little ones are napping, Emma's in the playpen (to keep her out of the disinfecting regimen!) and I went to town! Every doorknob, baby gate, window (about 2 feet up LOL), toy, chair, highchair, cabinet knob, toilet seat, flushing knob, sink faucet, dresser drawer handle, light switch, telephone, toy bin, and everything else I could find has now been sprayed down and left to air dry.

I realize I need to make that same path with a rag and some Lysol because some of those areas needed more of a scrubbing than just a disinfecting... but that will have to wait. Right now I bumped the AC down, turned on all the fans, and I'm laying here with my feet up. Who knew walking around bent over through the entire house for a good 30 minutes would be so exhausting?? :) I guess it wouldn't be if I wasn't 8+ months pregnant LOL!


  1. Man! I'm so sorry everyone is sick! No fun! I wonder if nesting has kicked in to help you with your disinfecting regime?

  2. You make moving to FL sound so appealing! LOL! SO glad you got your feet up, you deserve it!