Thursday, August 13, 2009


Kristopher's first day of school was today and he was really excited :)  Brianna and Emma also went (Brianna's 3rd day but only 2nd full day because of a dr's appt yesterday).  Micah and I hung out this morning and had lunch with Mike and now he's in his bed talking instead of sleeping.  I think he's going to be a grouch again tonight... yikes!

And... some photos from the kids' first days of school!

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(ok, ok, this was her 2nd day of school... I did take pic's after school the first day but she'd gotten her shirt wet and was wearing her 'spare' and was TIRED after 6 hrs of school... but her first day really was 8-11... :) )

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I also got an appointment for Micah's IEP!  Tues, the 25th we'll do his IEP and he'll start school either the next day or the following Tuesday (not sure).  But this will give him at least 3 days of school (T, W, R) before the week the baby is supposed to be here.  VERY glad to know he's not going to be trying to start school after she's born... that adjustment would probably be difficult for him!  They are also going to staff him in to the same classroom that Brianna is in now which is great :)  (their idea even,  ;) ). 

Off to pick up the three big kids at school in just a minute.  I don't look forward to waking up grouchy (he did fall asleep just a minute ago) but... oh well!


  1. what in the world are you going to do when you ONLY have the baby at home? lol

  2. Aww, great photos. They all look so grown up. Emma, its just amazing how far she's come. Brianna is a doll and Kristopher looks like he's sooooo excited for this day to come. Hope they all do a great job this year in school ;)

  3. It is amazing to see the pictures of big she is, how precious your children are, what a blessing. Enjoy some alone time with M.

  4. What big kids! They are changing so fast and cute, too!

  5. They are all getting so big! Emma is just a wonderful miracle! Love seeing her looking so good!

    When my house was empty, after Quincy went to Kindergarten, that is what kickstarted our adoption journeys! :)

  6. What a beautiful family!! The photos are wonderful - how exciting for everyone, and I can imagine mixed feelings for mama!
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Oh my word, Meredith--your children are absolutely GORGEOUS! Melts my heart :)
    I read back on all your posts and am absolutely amazed that Emma is even the same child--she does not even look the same. Unbelievable! What an incredible difference the love of a family makes. I get so excited looking at your journey and wondering what will become of our sweet little Hailee. My heart can hardly wait!