Friday, August 07, 2009

How about that?

On my to-do's from yesterday I get to mark some off!

On the to-do list now before Monday:
  1. make ASL packets for each of the kids that sign that has the words they use/understand and how to sign them
  2. make "please help keep me safe" pages for E and M addressing concerns with eating/personal safety (choking, aspirating, scratching, etc.)
  3. make an "I'm learning to..." page for Emma that says what things we've specifically been working on this summer to gain independence as well as what things we're DISCOURAGING so they can help with that (fingers to the back of the throat, hyperextending, etc.)
  4. get the supplies for Emma's class that were requested
  5. re-hang my 7-day clothes sorter and set up the first week of school-clothes in there (that was a GOD-SEND last year, but summertime is lazy and I took them down because I wasn't using them much)
  6. put together the diapering supplies for each of the 3 kids with their 1st day classroom 'stuff' (I think I might need suitcases to pull this off... maybe it's a good thing they all start school on different days??)
  7. go through my regular grocery receipts and write out how much I pay for them so when we go to Sam's Club on Sunday we don't spend MORE per item than we usually do at Wal-Mart!
And a few that weren't on the list....

8. Assemble baby swing and make sure all the pieces are there and it works before the 30 day return period is over.
9. Wash the baby's clothes and figure out if we still need anything for the baby.
10. Make an appointment for Micah's 3 yr checkup and Emma to get her next round of shots, including TB tests for both of them.

Yes, I just added things to the list and crossed them out. I'm that weird :)


  1. I love adding to my lists just to cross them off!!

  2. I'm tired just reading that!

    And I'm another "add things to the list just to cross them off" kind of a person. In fact I may have been known to start the list with a few things I've already done, just so I can cross them off before I can begin. So much easier to face a list when something's already gone from it!