Friday, August 28, 2009

Hand of God...

Over a lifetime there are innumerable ways which God shows himself. Some big, some small...

Tonight I was talking with Shelley and told her of our application process with our i-600a for USCIS. Then, I decided that I want to start randomly sharing the Hand of God in aspects of our life both current and in the past. So here you go...

When we were applying to the USCIS for our i-600a (advance approval to adopt an orphaned child), we sent a letter along with it explaining that we had a specific child with special needs in mind and would appreciate expedited processing. Not long into our paperwork process, that little girl... Sasha... who we'd planned to bring home, was transferred to a mental institution. Of course this brought us to our knees even more fully as we knew nothing about the place she was moved to. One of the things we immediately did was call USCIS to try to trace down our application and get it approved as soon as possible. Of course... we did something else first.

First we put out an 'all call' to our prayer chain, church, blog readers, and anyone that would listen. We asked specifically for whomever had our USCIS application to be touched and approve it quickly.

October 30th we found out Sasha had moved. November 2nd I finally got a hold of someone that could answer my questions... In fact, it was the person that my USCIS application had passed through. She said she recalls my name specifically without looking it up... we are adopting children with Down syndrome, right? Then she said she has a child with a disability... and would we please pray for her child?

Almost 2 years later I still marvel at the BIG and AWESOME God that we serve, and all the little things that He did to bring us to our children.

No, we still didn't bring Sasha home. But He had us getting to Ukraine FAST for a reason. Two beautiful reasons.


  1. awww, He is Mighty, and that made me cry

  2. Thanks for sharing- we have just started the adoption process and I stumbled across your blog. Loved the story of how you have seen God work throughout your journey.

    Can't wait to read more.
    ~Emily Doss