Sunday, August 30, 2009


I attacked this jungle which I will admit is the corner right by our front door which you walk AROUND to get to our house…


Kristopher helped, can you tell?  He’s doing great hitting off the tee and even was hitting all the self-pitch ones by the end of our time out there!


After about 90 minutes with a ‘knee pad’ and a good pair of garden gloves it is now recognizable as separate plants!  Admittedly still needs work, the bushes all need major trimming.  But WAY better than it was… you can see that there are bushes now!  It was really bothering me!


And of course Mike helped :)  He did this…


Which of course is what Daddy NEEDS to do on the weekend, because these guys LOVE to snuggle their dad.  And they sure don’t mind watching him play PS2 either… especially when he occasionally gives up the remote!



  1. LOVE the pics. Yes, your family sure did put in some hard work helping you out :)
    Where in the world are you finding the strength to garden??? You are amazing.

  2. Is this your form of nesting giggle mom

  3. oh so THATS what you were doing. I waited all day for you to come help me with the chickens!

  4. You did great, it’s lovely their daddy was able to help out caring for them. Hope you enjoyed your time outside. It’s hard to find time, for things we like or feel we should do.

    We have NO gardens, if we move in and there are any they soon go. I cant stand to garden, though I do like having a few pots. Picked a few up on the weekend, these will be my first plants since having Aden who is now 3.5 yrs lol.