Saturday, August 22, 2009


It started as a nice morning in the pool. Mike and I, the 4 kids, HAPPY kids that have been on antibiotics for 24+ hours :), a HOT day, and an 80+ degree pool. We have the 'baby guard' fence around the pool so we have a barrier for some of the kids to be IN the pool right with us and some to play in a small pool on a big foam-pad mat on the deck right outside the fence.

It turned bad when Micah started pushing his face and hands against the fence mesh and screen door and licking. First off, ew. Second off, he is just getting over strep. Third, it'll stretch out the mesh and isn't good for it. And Fourth, he has a tendency to BITE on things like that and we don't need holes in the fence mesh.

So we said 'no' (he kept doing it). Mike splashed him when he did it (which he LOVED). Finally when he was licking the screen door with his back to me and I didn't have any kids in my hands, I quickly got out of the pool, went through the gate, and took 2 steps toward him to be able to swat his little hand and have him understand that NO is NO and what he's doing is not ok. I only got 2 steps in because then my feet slid right out from under me on the foam mats. One hit the concrete deck, bent and my knee hit the ground. The other went straight out in front of me and kicked the corner of the aluminum square framing around the screen door. I caught myself with my hands as well, and thankfully the kids weren't right underfoot.

Yes, he still got a swat on his hand and a firm 'no'. Yes, he pretty much stopped licking it after that. Yes, I was HURTING!

At first I thought the bigget pain was my left thigh where it pulled abnormally far. Then I realized my right foot had hit the bone right on the corner of the aluminum and was already swelling. When Mike got to me he pointed out that my knee was already swelling a bit too and was scraped (just surface scraped thankfully).

So... I sat a while. Mike got me ice. And I sat for a while more :)

Baby is moving, nothing unusual around there, no contractions aside from what I've been having for weeks, and I really landed mostly on my legs and hand so we didn't head off to the ER. But man my foot hurts. And my knee. Thankfully my thigh muscles feel ok now and hopefully it will continue to!

Nothing like a little excitement to end a Saturday morning in the pool.


  1. Oh man. I'm assuming you are on weekly visits now. Might want to tell him about that little slip. You never know. Hope you feel better soon.


  2. alright you! you are grounded from the pool! too dangerous for you! you just sit with your feet up and rest! and hope that your gracefulness isnt passed on to your children(unfortunately mine has been passed on to my offspring) Please PLEASE be careful and do take good care of yourself!

  3. Sorry you hurt, but can I suggest a phone call to the doctor to make sure everything is ok?! When I fell with Jordan, I was about 37 weeks preggo and they wanted to check me that day to make sure....yes, that was 11 years ago, and my first pregnancy, but still! Hope your bones are feeling better quickly!

  4. Ouch! Maybe a doc. visit might not be a bad idea, to check you, the little one, the knee, the ankle, the get my drift ;o) .

    Praying for a quick recovery and no major booboos.

    Thank goodness for young bones (I meant yours, lol).