Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day two

of preschool for Micah And I ot a call from the school nurse a little over an hour in to school. First thought was Kristopher might have strep since he's the only one not on an anti. No... Micah got into ants and his feet are 'covered' and has several on his hands and face. He was happy and content and they put calamine (caladryl?) lotion on it and he doesn't seem bothered. However much I'd like to go see what he looks like and be sure he's fine... I said to call me if he seems really irritated with them (so I can give him some Benadryl) and I guess he's fine. They should be napping soon then I go pick them up.

I've been home for an HOUR alone and now... time for MY nap :) Better set an alarm...

1 comment:

  1. caladryl is calamine with benedryl, so it has the effect of both.
    i have a sun allergy and caladryl works SO well when it gets really irritated.