Monday, August 31, 2009

Dr's all around

Today baby and I (and Mike came along) had a doctor's visit. My LAST visit before she's born!

Up to this point I've gained about 16 lbs (I think?) and baby is growing well :) I asked the doctor to guess at a weight for the baby for her delivery next Wednesday and he says 6lbs 4oz. We'll see how close he is! I'd guessed 6lbs 8 oz and Mike right at 6 lbs. How is it that I feel like she's bigger than everyone else does? Maybe because I'm the one carrying her around 24/7 at the moment!

I'm still anemic... guess I have to be more diligent with the iron even tho it upsets my stomach :( But 9.8 isn't SUPER low... 11.5 is the low-normal. He wants me at 13...

Tomorrow morning is Micah's 3 yr visit and flu shot. And Emma's update for vaccines and flu shot. And TB test for both of them. And Brianna's flu shot. And Kristopher's... flu mist? Not sure yet.

And yes, my mom is coming with me tomorrow :) I don't do more than 3 at the doctor's without some help if I can!!

Then it's off to school with all 4 of them!


  1. 1 more week! Exciting!

    All 4 of mine had the mist. WIll let you know how my winter goes. They all did well, even Turner who is only 2. Sawyer probably had the most trouble. Some of his came dripping out but they didn't seem to think it was a problem.

    I say go for it. It was less traumatic for them.


  2. Have you tried liquid iron? I think it is made by floradex or something like that. If you phone a health shop they probably have it. I had to take it when I was expecting and it was brilliant. Didn't make me ill at all!

  3. You realize that today is September 1st, right????? You really need to pick a name for baby girl!!!!

  4. I took iron 3 times a day and never could get it up. Some pregnant women stay anemic I guess. Good luck with everything.

  5. dont be surprised if you need some blood after delivery. my daughter went thru the same thing, the morning after delivery (csection)level was at 4. she received 4 units of blood. really work this week of getting enough down that will help.