Monday, August 03, 2009

Doctor update, 34 weeks :)

This morning's doctor visit went well. I brought Brianna along and she charmed everyone :) Last week Kristopher went with me and had a good time too. They each got to see the doctor measure my belly and then hear the heartbeat. Both were REALLY good! Brianna did exceptionally well since she's often shy with strangers- but not today! She walked everywhere, followed directions, was intrigued by what the doctor was doing, said hi and bye to everyone, even asked to be weighed too :) She did great! I hope that next week I'll be able to give my doctor some cards with my contact info so in the future if he has parents w/ a prenatal dx they might be able to contact me for info about 'real life' with Ds... not just what the books and doctors say. Our perinatologist already has some, as does the Women's Center at the hospital south of us.

I know that when we first received the diagnosis for Brianna it was really great to see other families with children with Ds, and to see just now normal their lives were together as a family. I had never really seen babies or toddlers w/ Ds, just older kids, so that was neat as well.

Anyway... doctor's visit went well. Baby had ADEQUATE GROWTH! YAY! LOL... Still on the small side, but enough growth in the past 2 weeks so there's no concerns about the baby. Good news! Next week I'll get the orders for another hemoglobin check. Just 2 more visits before we meet baby :) 5 weeks... now we just need a NAME! :D


  1. Hannah, Sarah, Rebecca, surely you will like someones input!!! :)

  2. Ava, Anna, Lauren, can't wait to see what you decide.