Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hey Locals! Help bring more kids w/ Ds home!

This is a note I just received from Mike's parents. I post on and off about the fund they formed when we were in the process of our own adoption. It's called the Benjamin Cornish Memorial Fund and was made to help raise funds in the form of grants for families adopting children with Down syndrome internationally as well as a few other purposes...

Their next fundraiser is being done for a family that is adopting 2 children- one with Down syndrome- internationally.

So... if you're local and want to get rid of some clutter in your house/garage, please e-mail Cecil and Peggy to drop off your goodies (tax deductible donations, they are a 501c3 non profit!) or for them to arrange to pick them up!

If you have the ability to hang fliers, here's a link to their printable flier:

Here's their message:

We are having another benefit garage sale on the 29th and 30th of this month for the Benjamin Cornish Memorial Fund. If you have any items that are collecting dust in the back of your cabinets, taking up space in your garage, we would love to have them to help our families out. If this is too short of notice, we are also having another one in the fall when it cools down. We are trying to squeeze this one in for one particular family that is adopting their special kids on September 5th.

Please call us if you have anything to be picked up and we can make arrangements.

Thank you!!!

Cecil and Peggy Cornish

pcornish (at) cfl (dot) rr (dot) com

battc3 (at) cfl (dot) rr (dot) com

Benjamin Cornish Memorial Fund

*** The garage sale will be at 603 Kel Street, off of Old Dixie, so come support this family by shopping too!!!***

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  1. What beautiful generous people. Hope they do exceptionally well.