Monday, August 10, 2009

Emma's at school

Yep, she really is. Her first day away from us and with someone she doesn't know. Her first day of going to PE, having lunch in a cafeteria, and traversing the halls of an unfamiliar place being pushed by an unfamiliar person with all kinds of other unfamiliar people around. Think she'll react to it like she does hospitals? It's the only thing I can equate to the concrete hallways and white walls.

8-2:15... I know she'll be ok... but I am definitely anxious to know how her day is going!!


  1. I hear you. Hope it all goes well.

    I put Sawyer on the bus for the first time. He was NOT happy, so therefore, Mom, not so happy either. Plus, we found out Thursday they think he has a blood clot in his heart. Nothing like a little health issue to keep a MOm on her toes.

    I'm betting Emma is having a great time!


  2. Please give little Emma a big hug from us - from Ukraine. I can't wait to see how our little one does too. I am so grateful for your help with our documents, and all of the motivational words you had for us. Big hugs to everyone there... By the way - we named our little guy - Erik Gabrial George Taborn... Chat with you later... Mark & Missy

  3. Praying for you today and this week. Wow 3 in one week, don't know how you do it. Let us know how it goes.


  4. I totally understand your anxiety. :(

  5. UPDATE...UPDATE...UPDATE...? I am waiting anxiously to see how little Miss did today. Not that you have anything better to do than to appease my curiousity! lol

  6. I bet Emma like the outside hallways. Love, Mom