Monday, August 17, 2009

Potty training at home?

Well, all I intended to do today was find out whether the Pull-ups we have fit Brianna or not. She still wears some 12/18 mos shorts, but mostly 24 mos. So would a size 2t/3t pull-up fit? I wasn't sure. But Brianna's teacher asked for pull-ups since she was doing well going to the bathroom... and I wanted to make sure they fit before sending them to school. I'd hate to send her in pull-ups and then have her leak all over the place at school.

I do know that they stay up. But I still don't know whether they leak.

Because she hasn't wet them all day.

She even told us when I was at the OB's office today that she needed to go to the bathroom... and she sure did!

So although I hadn't planned to do potty training this week (or really until after the baby was born and settled)... it looks like Brianna may be taking care of that for us! I almost feel badly that we didn't push a little earlier to get her trained, but hey, if she decides that now's the time to train AND she's going to tell us when she needs to go... I won't complain!!

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  1. Awesome! Sometimes it is better to wait and just let them guide us!! Then it goes so much easier!! Good job, Brianna!!