Friday, August 28, 2009

to do or not to do

6 loads of laundry to wash sort, fold, and put away
1 guest room to clean
2 kids to school
2 kids home from school
11 doses of medicine
10 times brushing teeth
6 times getting kids dressed
13 diaper changes
6 trips with a little one to the bathroom
2 closets to fend through
1 laundry room to 'find' (aside from laundry!)

ok... I've done most of that... except the bedtime stuff... and Mike brought the kids to school... and still... if possible... to do today:

2 loads of dishes
6 people's dinner
1 bassinet to bring in from the garage (and set up)

So if you are wondering whether I have some magical 9th month energy... the answer is NO :) But I do know I have done pretty much NOTHING all week and it all piled up to today and I'd like to not have it hanging over me next week :) Thank God Mike does dishes so those aren't SO far behind :) :)

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