Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yes, it was good!

Sorry for no update yesterday, and no pic yet today. I am exhausted! Yesterday was E's first day, dropped her at school then Mike back at the church, came home, made the playroom presentable and didn't even have that quite done when Micah's evaluator got there. 9-10:30 we worked on the eval with a very WIGGLY kid that didn't want to participate, a 5 yr old that thought he should be 'helpful' with Micah and a 3 yr old that was clingy because there were people she doesn't really know at the house. With 3 kids on my lap (plus the baby! LOL) sitting on the floor for 90 minutes... well, I got a workout!! I swear my kids are never that NEEDY when we don't have company! LOL

Then I fed the kids, put M down for a nap and K and B got a movie going and I set a timer for an hour and laid down on the couch. I was so tired! Then for pick-up, Emma did good at school tho she looked surprised to see me and like she didn't expect me to come get her at the end of the day. I know after a few days she'll get used to the routine and know I'm always coming back :)

I got to bed late after getting everything ready for Brianna's first day today... and then being up at 6am was a bit difficult.

Brianna's first day is today and I forgot to take pic's so I'll have to get one this afternoon... oops! I dropped her and Emma at school, killed 30 min of time then brought K back for kindy testing. Sat in the library for an hour while he went with his teacher. Then I came home and got Micah from my mom and went to Wal-Mart to grab a few things, back home- lunch, and the boys are having rest time. Time for me to rest too! Setting a timer... I have an hour :) More later if I find time!! (and pic's from the girls' first days of school!) K starts Thursday, no news yet on Micah's IEP.


  1. This is related to nothing, but I thought about your kids, and what the future holds for them today. I'm an OT in a new job. I met a 71, almost 72 year old man today with DS. I've been doing this a long time and have only encountered one other older patient with DS, and he was "only" 60. This man lives in an assisted living and was very independent until a fracture a couple months ago. He is really in better shape than many, many people his age. I was so surprised that I kept thinking there was no way he had DS (my paperwork doesn't gave an exact diagnosis) and had some other condition with similar facial features and strabismus, but then I saw his hands and I have no doubt.

    He doesn't have heart problems and I assume he probably didn't have a correction given his age. He also has a family who are very dedicated. Which is of course highly beneficial.

    It made me wonder though what will happen for children the age of yours. Already they've had so many advantages over what this man would have had--appropriate medical care, therapies, educational opportunities he may not have had (this county had one of the first educational programs for developmentally disabled adults, developed by one woman who I treated and another who was the mother of my patient. In 2 different nursing homes. It was random but neat. They started in probably the 40s? so he may have been in that).

    Regardless it was neat. I'm looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow!