Friday, February 27, 2009

A bit more randomness

  • The blog background is uploaded just as one big .jpg file, so it didn't take much time to upload. It also helps that we have a server and I hosted the picture there- that way I don't have to worry about the number of 'hits' the image gets or how big the file is :) But I made it in photoshop. It does eventually repeat after a while- can you tell where??
  • Emma- AKA Little Miss Flexible- used to do this ALL the time, but hasn't as much lately.  A few days ago, however, she was playing in this position and I happened to have the camera close by...  Now, imagine her taking those elbows, putting them on top of her legs, and trying to sit up.  THAT is scary looking :) 
  • I really wanted to write how I'm almost 12 weeks along with my pregnancy now and this week hasn't been all that bad in terms of not feeling well.  Then today happened.  I am grateful, though, to have had some days of reprieve from feeling ill.  I go back to the doctor on monday for my 3-month check up.
  • Today I wasn't feeling well at lunch time- partly because I was exhausted from grocery shopping, but since I had only 2 kids with me even that was a bit easier.  We joined my parents at their house for lunch (they had my other 2 kids).  So, around 2 I laid down for a quick nap- well, sortof.  I didn't ever actually sleep, but I did lay down... Anyway, when I got up with Micah's "I'm UP" calls (aka crying), I decided that regardless of how I felt I should be eating something.  Just for the sake of eating.  (I've never been one to eat for the sake of eating... so this is a weird thing for me!).  I'd bought some fresh veggies and other salad fixings-- minus the lettuce-- so I made a quick bowl and topped it with a bit of poppyseed dressing.   Cucumber, green pepper, grape tomatoes, colbyjack cheese, olives, and some bacon pieces. 006
  • And then I made a bowl of blueberries and strawberries topped with a little bit of sugar and some milk. 007 I must say, I think I've become something of a 'blueberry brat' though, because as I ate that bowl of fruit I couldn't help but think of the delicious ones we got from our friends' blueberry farm here in town... nothing like the ones imported from Chili... And yes, after eating both of those things- and eventually washed down with a bottle of IBC Cream Soda (a treat, we don't get that very often...), I am feeling much better.  The rest probably helped too.
  • I think that sometime in the near future- maybe even today, who knows- you'll be seeing a post of random thoughts on tourism :)
  • Mike has to attend a live auction tonight as a part of one of his classes he's taking right now.  Admittedly I wasn't so excited about him being gone another night, but I'm so glad his current classes are done on Tuesday and then the following week he doesn't have any classes.  His next class (just one again YAY!) starts the Monday after.  I must say, though, my husband cleans up pretty well :)  Here's a quick shot of him as he was about to leave the house.


  • I do believe that the 'baby bump' is now apparent and here to stay  (well, hopefully not for much longer than the baby stays in there...).  I don't remember when I started to show with my pregnancies with K and B, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't this early.  Oh the joys of pregnancy #3...
  • Today my sister-not-in-law... or something like that... went in to have her baby.  This is an adopted sibling of mine's biological sibling... She is having her 3rd baby.  The first is the one that lived with us for about 5 weeks when Brianna was newborn- while she was giving birth to her second.  Today she's having a baby that I will never meet.  I must say, I am very proud of her for making the decision she has to follow through with her pregnancy and not take the 'easy way out'.  She has selected a family and made her plans, and this new baby girl will be adopted.  Though the circumstances are not ideal, the decisions she made out of them I give her a lot of credit for.   I know there's a very happy 'new mom' and dad that are overwhelmed with love and joy at  the gift that C has given them.
  • I got a letter from our school system approving Emma's waiver to attend the same school as M and B are going to next year.  Now I just have to get K in there "out of area" which will be the most difficult task... think they'll have any way to turn down my request if I have 3 kids already there??
  • I also got a letter from Social Security.  It arrived on K's birthday so I opened it the next day expecting to find his card.  Nope.  It's a letter saying we should receive his card within 2 weeks, though, so hopefully it will be delivered soon!

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  1. Love the new background. Glad to hear that eating made you feel better.