Saturday, February 07, 2009

ILYA! New Photos and Fundraiser Update!

image image

Oh my! This is the same little boy pictured above in the fundraiser! Look how chunky he is and LOOK AT THAT SMILE!!

I am so happy to see this little one is doing MUCH better now and it gives so much more hope for a family to be able to get to him and give him a new lift with a FAMILY!

So far our fundraiser for Ilya has raised $345! What a wonderful gift to him! We hope to have a family commit to his adoption soon so that he will be spared ever having to see the inside of a mental institution.

Just 11 days left to be a part of this fundraiser. Remember, one of the people who donates will be receiving a gift- an autographed copy of the book "Count On Us"!

The Chip-In is 'stuck' at the top of my blog so you can find it easily. Thanks for praying for Ilya and whomever his family may be- that they will find him SOON and commit to his adoption! He's already 4 years old.. time is running out!

(no, that's not a misprint, I've received some donations off-line as well :) )

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