Friday, February 20, 2009

Kristopher's take on babies...

So Mom, since there's a baby in your tummy, how big is it?

-(I show him about how big)

And how big will it be when it comes out?

-(again, I show him about how big)

So, if it's in your tummy and growing, when is it coming out?

-Around Micah's birthday, not for a while still.

But, then how is it going to COME out?

(to be continued...)


  1. Wanna borrow my birds and bees book? LOL Good Luck with that discussion Meredith :D

  2. lol, Yikes! I always try to steer around that one. My kids think the baby comes out of my tummy (I've never had a section) I really have to explain now? It seems like such a simple answer...for now. I think I will stick with it a little longer :)

  3. One of my little Filipino girls that I worked with this summer asked me how babies come out...she was almost 7 at the time. I told her that was a really good question and I wanted to give her a really good answer so I would need to get back to her. Then she forgot about it...let us know what you told Kristopher.

  4. How funny! My cousin once asked my aunt (I think he was 4 or 5) if babies came out the front or the back. She about ran off the road!!

    Gotta love kids!!

  5. oh wow, we haven't gotten to the birds and bees stage yet. Let me know how that talk goes!

    Kelly S

  6. forgot to tell you he also interviewed Dad. Wanted to know what a baby the size of a jelly bean eats in there. He is very curious. Love, Gma

  7. Lol! Aiden is always asking me baby questions, too! He now knows that the baby "eats" through the umbilical cord which is attached to Mommy inside, that's where belly buttons come from, etc. He did ask HOW the baby got in my tummy while we were at an ultrasound appointment, I told him I would tell him later. I think I need to find a birds and bees book for him!

  8. Haha! Have fun with that one!! My oldest (Ashley, 5) asked all about this not too long ago. But what disturbed her the most is when she realized she came into the world "with out panties on"! She wanted to know everyone who was in the room that saw her naked! Nevermind the fact that anyone saw ME exposed!! At least she's modest, right? :)