Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our day at the Magic Kingdom!

005 006

Ok, so as much as Kristopher was excited about the characters, the two he REALLY wanted to meet we stood in line for... the others we took their picture as we walked by and kept walking :)

007  013

And of course, MICKEY was one of the ones worth the wait!  And as a special bonus, the entire room where Minnie and Mickey are (only about 6 families allowed in at a time) stopped and sang Happy Birthday to Kristopher!  We could have gone home then! :)  He was one happy camper!


Waiting for the Philharmagic show to start!

018 019

On the raft to go to Tom Sawyer's Island

021 025 026 027 028

Finding a spot for the parade (Fronteirland was a great place to watch from!)

031 044 045 047

First thing in the morning Snow White was doing a meet and greet and as she left, she saw K and came over and tweaked his cheek and said "happy birthday!"  I've never seen Kristopher blush before that :)  Here she is in the parade along with some of our other favorite princesses and Disney characters...

048 059 061 063 066 068 069 070

Just K and I- he was mid-ice cream, so no, he doesn't really have black teeth :)

072 075

The monkey house.  How appropriate :)


The ONLY other character K asked to go meet- BUZZ!  This was after we got off the ride for the second time :)  Also the only ride he begged to go back on all day long!


We had a great time, I'm so glad we had the opportunity to go and take just a little special time for the two of us.  I know it's one we'll both remember for a long time!

Oh, and I'm so bummed!  I took video of K's reaction as we went under the big sign that says Disney-- and it somehow was deleted!  I can't get it off the camera and it's not on the computer :(  But maybe... just maybe... Mike can recover it somehow.  It wasn't anything spectacular but it was cute


  1. So fun! And a great time for bonding. ;) So what did he say when he found out that was where you were going? That is so fun!

  2. Great pictures! It looks like you two had a LOT of fun!

    Amanda-Adopting Ean and Mila