Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Oops, here's another "accomplishment"?


Good thing we keep the house on the warmer side!  This is how I found Emma after nap time-- I already put her down without socks (she pulls them off and eats them)but the shirt, that was ALL HER DOING :)  Good job sweetie!  (now let's keep it on, it's cold!)

(be glad this is an image and not a scent because that unassumingly sweet face had produced one of the nastiest smells in that little diaper of hers!!)


  1. What a cutie! (Emma, not the stink diaper! LOL)


  2. She is getting to be quite talented. You may have trouble on your hands when she is really able to walk and be truly mobile.

  3. Ah, WTG Emma, taking off your clothes is a big step to putting them back on! Sorry about the smelly diaper, when you are expecting, they are even harder to handle, I remember that not so fondly.

  4. I found you via another site and just thought I would drop in to say hi... what gorgeous kids...
    Take care

  5. you go girl!
    Amy O