Sunday, February 08, 2009

Fun with Photos

I played around a bit with this photo.  I was surprised how easy it was on  I usually use Photoshop but figured I'd try this out.  I like it!  I turned the background and mulch to black and white then boosted the color on the rest of the photo.  All the prime colors of the toys really pop out like this!

Cornish_M Color 2


  1. That is such a lovely photo! Well done on Pikniking it! I hope you're feeling better!

  2. love the picture, great editing by the way =)

  3. It's amazing how a little bit of tweaking can make a great photo "pop"!

  4. Great family photo - and one which makes it clear just how far Micah and Emma have come in the last year.

    You have beautiful children...

    Susan in Ky
    (where the ice and snow are finally gone!)

  5. very cool, I might just have to give the picnik a try someday!

  6. love it, Emma is starting to look her age too, she looks huge in this picture!
    all look really great and totally alike!
    Amy O.