Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random thoughts...

  • It annoys me to see a sign that says "Inmates working" on the side of the road, then to see a truck, and not to see ANY people. C'mon can't you take the sign down if you're going to lunch?
  • Why can't they make prenatal vitamins taste (or at least SMELL) good? After all, it's not like you feel good when you're taking them and having them smell and taste like vomit doesn't help. Can't they make them that look like gummy bears and taste like oranges??? C'mon, they can do it for my kids...
  • Did you know it's possible to change 2 diapers, make 2 bottles (which includes a jar of baby food, a few ounces of dry cereal, and milk), grab 2 sets of shoes and jackets and a handful of diapers and get two immobile children into a car in 7 minutes?
  • Shouldn't it be illegal to drive 10-20 mph UNDER the speed limit NEXT TO each other on a 4 lane highway?


  1. I take Isotonix vitamins...much easier on my sensitive stomach. Are you feeling better yet? Take care.

  2. Rainbow Light. For prenatals, that is. They smell like a mix between flinstone chewables and fruit loops. Taste like they smell. Definitely not bad. Easy on the stomach, too.

    I take a separate folic acid supplement, but that's because of the high risk of spina bifida in my family. My doc really likes the rainbow lights. I forget where I ordered them, but if you want, I can certainly dig out my last packing slip and let you know.

  3. My prenatals upset my stomach so I took flintstones vitamins during both pregnancies (and still do). My doc said it was fine. I only took one a day but (according to google) some pregnant women take two a day.

    And I did not know it was possible to do all of that in 7 minutes!!! Incredible!!

  4. Had one of "those" days did you girlfriend? Praying for good tasting and smelling vitamins (just take kid ones, I did ;o) ). And you are certainly a wonder woman, I don't think I could do that in 30 minutes! Blessings to you!

  5. I also take the Flintstones, but the gummies (like the kids!). I've been taking them since I was pregnant with Elijah, both doctors were/are fine with it. I was told if the prenatal makes you sick enough to vomit, it is better to take a vitamin you can keep down. I hope you're feeling better soon!

  6. Little did you know that the inmates have escaped to the woods and the sheriff is working looking for them. Ha!
    I think I lived on orange popsicles and you kids turned out okay at the end of nine months.
    Wait until they are at different after school activities from different schools. Do you remember that there was always a schedule on the kitchen wall to get you guys where you had to go and me there to drop off. It was handy to have a Darlene when we did and a grandmom too for a short time. Hope your tummy feeels better. Happy Birthday Emma! love, Mom (Grandmommy)

  7. Inmates working? lol! Another of the things we don't have in the UK that you have. Are these the chain gangs I've heard about?

    The vitamins I took didn't taste bad but I can't recall what they were. Just some from Boots - maybe their own brand. Maybe you can get them online lol!

    Off to play with Eden and get lots of hugs!

  8. No, I did not know it was possible to do all those things (2 diapers, etc.) in 7 minutes. Actually, I think you are Super-Mom!

    And the 20 miles below the speed limit thing? Yeah, that's a Florida thing... Where driving is hazardous because people go too slow, as opposed to too fast ;)

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Kelly S

  9. yeppers - 2 Flintstones a day - just watch for the nurse giggling at you when they ask what medication you are on! Also - I took them at night just before bed to ease off any sickness.