Thursday, February 26, 2009

Adoption fundraisers and updates

Here's a few fundraisers and opportunities to enter for fun giveaways as well as updates on a few of the families I posted about recently (and a few new ones!)

Amanda is adopting 2 little ones from Ukriane- one with Ds and one with FAS. She is currently doing new fundraiser give-aways each week so check back there often to see what's new! They are also doing a fundraiser called "Miles for Misha and Mila" which is a walk-a-thon sponsorship. Go take a look :) (ongoing)

Charissa is doing a fundraiser for a waiting child named Yulia. She is giving away her digital camera and has already met her 'goal' but is still accepting entries. What a wonderful gift to Yulia and the hope of a family to commit to her! (Ends March 1st)

Debbie is doing a give-away for a waiting child named Steven! She's giving away UKRAINIAN CHOCOLATE!! YUM!! :) She's in Ukraine right now completing the adoption of her newest daughter- and teen with limb differences and she's already spreading awareness about another little one needing a home. You at least need to click the link and see the pic of the chocolate :) (Ends March 16th)

Brigitte is doing a fundraiser for her adoption of little Jacob. She is giving away an I-pod Touch to one donor! Go check it out and enter to win! (Ends March 20th)

Gillian is giving away a new Canon PowerShot digital camera! She is adopting little Evangeline, click over to take a look. (Ends March 23rd)

Heather is doing a fundraiser for a waiting child named Tonya. She's going to give a beautiful quilt to one donor! (Ends March 31st)

Ok, now some updates- The two families that are ones I'm working with are both hopefully having court this coming week! Both are adopting two children and could use your prayers for paperwork to be done quickly and correctly so that their processes go smoothly! One has had some hiccups and has already been in country an extended period of time. (yes, this means Misha IS coming home!)

The family in Ukraine adopting an older girl with limb differences is still there and plugging away. They've had their court so are waiting out the appeals period and will be coming home shortly.

Please continue to pray for the family waiting for news since their son is in a 'new' (to us) institution. They have not had much news since my last post and are waiting on a court date still.

Three more families leave this weekend for Ukraine! Two are going to the same orphanage together and the third is going to be in the same 'region' (state basically) but at a different city. They are each adopting one child but who knows if God has more in store for any of the families :)

In Estonia we have 2 families that are both headed home. One was on their 'preview' trip and have met and LOVE their son (and older boy w/ Ds) and the second completed their adoption and is heading home soon.

In Serbia one family is in country and loving on their new toddler daughter w/ Ds. They hope to finalize tomorrow and then will bring her home!

Our family in Haiti- missionaries now- is doing well and I'm sure appreciate your continued prayers as they live this 'new life' while they await the completion of their son's adoption.

A family that was previously waiting for their court date in Latvia has been invited to come back! This mom has already met her two daughters and will go back for court then a third trip to bring them home.

Two families are waiting for news from Russia- one has already met her son and is waiting to be allowed to go back for court. The second is having snags because of the region their daughter is in and they have had yet another hiccup this week.

Please keep all these families covered in prayer!!

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  1. Meredith: Thanks for posting about our fundraiser. We greatly appreciate the support and help spreading the word!

    Amanda-Adopting Ean and Mila