Saturday, February 07, 2009

Photo Shoot!

Thank you Barbara Ritchie for taking the time out of your weekend to do these photos for us!  They turned out great and we're so thankful!!!

Ok, so remember that photo shoot that was rescheduled for today? The weather- was GORGEOUS :)  68 was the high and we went to the playground RIGHT at that time!   The kids all did manageably well ;)  After all, what good are pictures without at least a few tears mixed in?

So... the photo that will be published with our story for Gifts II is....


We pretty much gave up on the idea of getting everyone to look at the camera and smile... it just wasn't going so well for us :)  So though we took pictures in 3 or 4 places with us all 'posed', the very best are the ones with toys!

Here are the runners up...

_MG_6067 _MG_6074 _MG_6075  _MG_6083 _MG_6085 _MG_6086 _MG_6087 _MG_6090 _MG_6095

(check out Micah's tongue! LOL  He loves to play with toys with his tongue!)


  1. Look how straight and tall Emma sits now! A year ago she looked like a baby. Now she's such a little girl.

  2. Ooh, I love the B&W one! And the high was only 68 in FL? WOW!

  3. AW, Meredith, you guys are so cute!

  4. Cute pics! It's funny about the tongue -- Kayla still tries to turn on a lot of her musical flashing toys with her tongue. Drives me crazy!

  5. Okay everyone looks great, but my goodness, look at lil miss Emma sitting up and looking kinda chubby even!!!! And her hair!!!


  6. They are all great. I love the off the cuff whatever we're doing kinda family photos. Thats what we did this year too ;)