Friday, February 13, 2009

So sweet

Today around lunch time I packed up the kids and decided it was time to get out of the house. I was having a 'better' day after going to bed early last night and doing absolutely nothing toward anything at the house in the evening while I was feeling crummy. So I decided that since the weekend likely wouldn't be one that we would make it out of our small town (or maybe even our neighborhood), I would take the kids and go... anywhere!

Ok, so I grab the diaper bag, cooler with drinks/bottles, purse, and Emma and head out to the van with Kristopher in tow and Brianna close behind. Often Micah will come and sit at the front door and wait for me to come back for him (he doesn't like being 'down' outside yet... at least not to crawl or put his hands down...). But for some reason the door to the house was closed instead of left open today. I buckled Emma in, watching Brianna walk down the front walk to the car, and she turned around and headed back to the house.

Sometimes she does this sortof as a game and tries to 'get away' (thankfully going back to the house vs. the street- tho we live on a dead end so there's not much traffic anyway). But today she went to the front door and held the handle, standing on the small step up to the door and trying to get inside, mildly fussing. I hurried to buckle Emma and as I walked back to the front door I heard what had 'called' her. Micah was sitting right inside the door crying.

Of course as soon as the door opened he was fine, he just didn't want to be left out of our little trip outside... In fact, he was SO ok as soon as the door opened that I knew his 'crying' was more of an act than any true fear or anything about the situation. But something else that struck me was just how concerned Brianna was that her brother was crying. And that this isn't an unusual thing for her. She is so tender hearted and always wants to make people happy. Not only that, she usually succeeds...

So we go out to the car and get her and Micah buckled in next to each other- both still backward facing in their carseats and able to be in their own little world as they play together and talk together in the back seat of the car. They have their own little conversations as Brianna chatters away to him and he drops ihs bottle and cries until she holds his hand and says 'no, no' and he quiets down...

My Brianna girl has such a sweet spirit and love to her. I can't wait to watch how the Father nurtures her into the person He wants her to be to further His Kingdom!