Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How not to start your week...

Don't forget on a Monday that it is indeed still Monday .

Don't, after announcing to a group on Sunday that a chat will be held Tuesday, definitely don't announce on Monday that it is "tonight" after wondering why no one has shown up the first 10 minutes.

Then don't be surprised when someone comes to the meeting and says "sorry, I thought this chat was on Tuesday this week" and don't be surprised when you realize that yes, indeed, the chat is scheduled for Tuesday and today (well, yesterday now...) was not Tuesday.

After having 10 people show up to this non-scheduled but yet reminded meeting, don't say "no, sorry, no questions, chat is tomorrow.... but we can talk tonight :)"

In the closing time of this chat don't have the vague reminder that you still haven't mailed off something that said it needed a postmark of the 15th (on the 16th).

Then don't try to find the address for the paperwork to be sent to (because, really, the 15th and 16th had no mail being a Sunday and a holiday) and realize that not only are you 2 days late, but you don't have the address.

After all that, don't try to e-mail the two people that might have the address and mistakingly send it to someone completely different instead of one of those people.

And if you do send it to someone else, at least make sure you know who that person is... don't send it to a complete stranger whom you're not sure why their name is in your address book to start with (but, if by chance, this was YOU I sent it to, please do tell me how I know you!)-- oh wait, this didn't REALLY happen, did it??

Then don't write a second note to that person explaining your mistake... then admit your complete loss of the evening to those other members of the chat room, thus confirming that you've lost your mind.

That would be a bad way to start a week. A very bad way. I don't suggest it...


  1. just blame it all on the pregnancy hormones! LOL

  2. I agree - blame it on hormones... its also not like you have other things going on - do you????

    Take care!

  3. Chat? There was a chat last night? I must not have gotten the memo!! Is today Tuesday or Wednesday? I'm so confused? I think I'm going to go listen to some Russian music on youtube to clear my confused mind.

  4. Thanks for the giggles :)

  5. I am laughing so hard right now. Although, I would love to know what chat you are referring to? lol Sorry your week started off a little "hectic". I hope the rest of your week is much smoother!