Sunday, February 08, 2009

A very truthful post

Ok, so this past month has been HARD. There have been many people that have made it easier, and for that I am SO THANKFUL! But all in all, it's been a hard month.

Mike's been taking 2 full-time Master's classes together this semester. Thankfully it's only 8 weeks long. Four are over. Four to go. I found out we are expecting on Jan 13th. That would be after 4 days of feeling ill before that. And when I say 'ill' I don't mean "slightly off" or something fun like that. No, I mean feeling like I had the flu. Tired, aches, enjoying the company of the porcelain throne, unable to eat and drink in normal quantities or even regular foods/drinks. That kind of 'ill'.

So today would mark a full month of 'ill'. It's fun. Especially with 4 little people to keep up with. I'm so glad to know that this is a temporary condition and that there is an end to it. And thankfully the end result will be WELL WORTH this month... and unfortunately probably another month or more to come... of feeling 'ill'.

My children have been wonderful. They're generally good kids and have proven themselves to be that over this past few weeks especially. At the present Kristopher is playing outside with a pirate ship and a bag of pirates under the swing set with a watchful eye from myself out the window. Micah is in his room I'm sure busting out many new brain connections as he explores how the night light goes on and off as he covers the sensor up. The girls are in the playroom- within hearing distance and playing nicely with a bin of pretend food- wishing, most likely, that it was real since it is nearing dinner time.

Mike is off doing homework since he spent most of the day yesterday with the kids and I, knowing there's been too few days of that the past few weeks. He's done laundry here and there, a load of dishes today, and he's not yet complained about the house looking as it does or that I've been ready to go to bed at 9pm. I even went back to sleep for 30 minutes this morning with an awful headache and he kept watch until I was able to be alive again.

We have great family locally and my mom has been coming over 2 mornings/week to get E and M up and dressed and fed while I bring Bria to pre-k. That's been a huge blessing because otherwise I have to load all 3 into the car (two trips and thankfully Bria's walking out now!), drive the 5 minutes to the pre-k, unload the big stroller, unload the 3 kids, bring Bria in to her classroom, come back out, load the 2 kids back into the car, load the stroller back in to the car, drive the 5 minutes back home, unload the kids (2 trips again), and then we can start our morning. I'm so glad my mom has offered that 30 minutes to me in the morning and is willing to watch the kids for me to drop Brianna off as well as to run any quick errands I may have that morning.

Mike's mom has offered to help as well and is keeping three of the kids right now on Monday afternoons for an hour so I can go that same 5 minutes up the road (pre-k and therapy are the same location), participate in Emma's PT session for 45 minutes, then come back home. The loading and unloading would be the same process for this drop-off, and then I'd have to do something with the other 3 kids with that 45 minutes. We know this is 'for a season' and were planned to do something to make it work, but I'm thankful that Mike's mom is able to step in there and help out for that hour. I know she enjoys that time with the kids, too, so that helps :)

So I realize that there's absolutely no reason for me to complain about anything right now! I know that we are blessed beyond measure and looking at each of our children and realizing the amount of support we have (that chicken pot pie from a friend is in the oven right now...) I know there's absolutely no reason to complain. And I don't even feel like complaining...

Then why the post? I guess I felt like I needed to say some of the 'truths' about our current situation. I'm not Super Mom. I never will claim that title! I'm tired. I'm not feeling well. I'm so thankful for each piece of help we've received. And after it all I'm still not measuring up these days. And I know it. But I know this is a season. So is it bad that I just wish March would COME ALREADY?? :) Mike's class will be ending... hopefully this 'ill' feeling will ease up... and I look forward to the lovely "second trimester energy" of pregnancy along with my helpmate being more available at home...

It's not all roses- but it's worth it every minute of every day!! So, there you go. I'll add here that I also haven't been so great about household tasks- with no energy and all- but that my mother and Mike's have been very helpful in loading the dishwasher or pushing the laundry through when they're here as well, so thankfully the house hasn't overtaken our lives yet either. And THANK GOD we don't have to mow much in February :)


  1. I wondered how you were doing with taking care of teh kids and morning sickness, I am hoping for a good second trimester for you too.

    A very happy birthday to sweet Emma.

  2. I think you are doing great. It's tough right now, I'm sure. Hang in there...prayers.

  3. I truly remember the feeling...I had four under four when my twins were born. You'll have my thoughts and prayers over the next few weeks. This too shall pass and one day you'll look back....ok dont need to really finish that now...LOL


  4. Praying for your family. Those overwhelming moments can be suffocating. Good perspective that it is only for a season. And how much God teaches us in those moments. Bless you guys.

  5. I am a mom of 5 young children (8yrs. and under) ( my youngest 14 mos has DS) and YES it is hard. I hope it's helpful to know that I am always playing catch up with the laundry and other household chores. There just isn't enough time in the day to do everything. But that's when you just have to let some things go.
    I get incredibly sick while I'm pregnant so I know what you're feeling. It's so much harder when you have others depending on you - but like you said, it will pass. Keep smiling! I hope you're feeling better soon!

  6. I hate "morning" sickness! I hope it passed soon. So glad you are getting some help though.

    Cool due date BTW!

  7. Come on second trimester! Praying for a quick end to feeling "ill" and so tired.


  8. Gosh, Meredith, you poor thing! You know we only live 10 minutes away! I would love to help out sometime! Just let me know when! I work most days during the days, but I don't work evenings or weekends. PLEASE let me know if you need a sitter!


    P.S. I'm serious. I love your kids and would love to hang out with them for awhile. :o)