Monday, February 16, 2009

YAY! Adoption updates across the pond...

Another dossier of one of "my" families was submitted this morning! We are hoping they will travel in March :) Also, the first two dossiers that I helped compile are being put to good use right now IN UKRAINE! Both families are currently there each adopting two children! And one of those four children just happens to be my Misha. I couldn't have been happier this morning than to learn that the family whose appointment was today received word that they will indeed receive the referral for Misha (and their other child) tomorrow. God is good.

In case you don't know who Misha is, he is the second referral we received with Sasha's during our first appointment in Ukraine. We soon found out another family was coming for Misha (he was a blind referral to us) and then when Sasha wasn't able to be adopted we released both children, knowing Misha would come home soon. Well, that family arrived in Ukraine just a few short months ago and when they got there learned that Misha was transferred and they decided to get an additional referral from the orphanage their other selected child was at. This was a necessary choice for their family since they were adopting three children at once. But still my heart ached that we had 'left' Misha and now the other family wasn't able to get him either. Along come family #3, who decided that God was directing them toward Misha... and today they met at the SDA as the third family to view Misha's file. He's finally coming home!

Your prayers are much appreciated for both families in country right now. As is the case in Ukraine, things sometimes get a bit difficult and prayer support is so important!

Some other families in process...
There's another family in Ukraine right now that's not through RR but is adopting an older girl with special needs from a place that's not very adoption-friendly so it is taking quite a while. Your prayers are certainly appreciated there.

We have a family in Serbia right now beginning their adoption as well as a family about to head to Estonia for their 'preview' trip to meet their new son.

Another family in Estonia and has custody of their little guys just waiting out their time to come home.

Another family has moved to Haiti as missionaries and are able to have their son living with them as they await their adoption's completion. They've been there several months already and plan on a year in Haiti! Now that is commitment!

Oh, and one more Ukraine family has gone and met their son but because it is the first adoption from this specific institution their process is being drawn out to the extent of the law. This family is in a similar situation to where we were at with Sasha except there is much hope that within the court system their adoption will be allowed. And yes, they were aware from early on that this might be a very difficult process... but still your prayers are needed for every one of these families!

Almost all of the families above are adopting a child w/ Ds and there's another family adopting a little boy w/ ds as well as an older 'typical' girl. Their appointment was in mid-January and they have had a snag here and there in their process but are in country and making it work!

Ok... and two more families that have MET their children and are waiting on the invitations to go back and get them- one is adopting from Latvia and one from Russia. What a difficult wait but OH SO WORTH IT!

Click the Buttons on the right sidebar to view the families' sponsorship pages, and to view their blogs go to 'grab this button' under their button and it will bring you to one of their blog posts. Just click on their blog header to see recent posts...

Am I missing anyone?? Don't forget the two in country right now (mentioned in the first paragraph)... Due to some families' desire for privacy while they are overseas I have not listed any family names, but the blogs on the side that are public you can click through to follow!


  1. Thank you, Merdith. It's nice to have these all together because I'm so paranoid of missing someone. And thanks for mentioning us!

  2. You're not missing us, but I really want to be on "the list"! LOL Soon, I know! :) :)