Wednesday, February 04, 2009

So, now that I can look back on it...

Yesterday was one of those days that you hope is ending SOON, by about, say, 9am!?

I woke up feeling sick- no surprise it's been a month of that now. But the kicker was the horrible smell of dog poo that emanated through the house. Nicely placed on the family room carpet with a puddle of pee under Kristopher's desk. EW. I got the kids up, dressed, and to the table with breakfast when Mike came out from his shower to do the lovely deed of clean-up. Yes, I left it there for him (and even kept the kids out of it!).

Then Mike had to rush out with K since they were then running late and I decided rather than rush I'd just bring the other kids up to the church by 9 instead of 8:30 because that's when Micah has PT and there's no reason for me to rush around. At 8:45 Mike called and said that Micah's PT is there, where is he? Oops, I guess somewhere along the line she probably told me that they were starting between 8:30 and 8:45 now but since he's almost always there at 8:30 I probably didn't "record"... Next time I should write that down. So no PT for little mister, tho she did say she'd see him next week (he's every-other week) so that was good.

I checked my e-mail quickly and decided I wasn't going to even try for 9am. Not feeling well and being chilly outside and not having any reason the kids HAD to be there (it's a mom's morning out, not a regular pre-k) I took my time. First e-mail I get says that one of the families I'm working with had paperwork sent over that's in an old format and they're missing a form. YIKES. After closer inspection, yes, I found the updated forms (tho they weren't much different, maybe 5 words had changed... but in Ukraine things are VERY picky!!!). And she wanted another form to not only say the family's salary, but the exact amount for the past 6 months. Seriously? WHY if it says the annual? Ah... but we will do what we're told...

So then I had the fun job of telling the parent that was VERY kind and understanding that she needed a new form, to update another two forms (including the MEDICAL form which is a pain in the bottom to get right for some reason!!), and to add on this 6 month income thing... and then apostille it all and send it back to Ukraine. Fun fun. NOT. Oh, and if you're wondering, I work with 5 facilitators and each one has different paperwork that says different things. None of my other facilitators have the 6 month thing.. go figure!

So by 9am I was ready to go back to bed, or maybe have a warm bath and read a book. But instead we left to bring the kids to 'school'. They were there by 9:15. I came home, threw e-mails about for an hour or so to get it all figured out and to get the appropriate forms to other families "in process".

12:15 I pick up the kids from the church and Micah's in a pair of borrowed pants. Why's that? He peed through his diaper. Ah... that would be because somehow he ended up with Brianna's diapers in his bag. Hmm. OOPS.

We come home, rest time is accomplished without too much trouble, and the afternoon goes downhill as Kristopher finds ways to get into trouble in every room of the house with every imaginable thing. Throwing, messing with siblings, back talking... it was lovely. Like a day out of early December...

I do know that with me not feeling well and the bit of stress I was feeling already he was likely playing off of all of that. But still, couldn't he have gotten the idea after he spent so much time in trouble??

I finally decided I was ordering pizza around 4:30. No cooking for me. We had dinner and the 3 little ones all got baths. Micah is doing a great job with the spoon this week so I fed him a big bowl of cereal/babyfood and then 7:00 is bed time around here. At 9:30 Kristopher was still coming out!! There's nothing like a day without a break! Mike left for school at 5 and made it home after 11. He didn't get a break either for that matter.

But, today is a new day and it has to be better, right? :)


  1. Oh my goodness! Yes, that was quite the day! Prayers that today is better.

  2. I hope that your day is going much better today. I can completely relate. I am having one of those weeks myself.

  3. Oh Meredith! I'm SURE that everyone involved is understanding!! You should ask for a raise with all the hard work you do!! I suggest they double your salary! {too bad doubling nothing is still nothing!!} I hope you feel better! I don't imagine anyone goes into international adoptions expecting there not to be some glitches in paperwork!

  4. Ok, from a dog person. That's 2 poop issues you've mentioned in about 2 weeks or so. Time to put the dog in the crate during the night! Unless he's sick, which, even if he's in the crate, the mess will be contained to one known area.

  5. Sounds like 'one of those days'. You just hope when you wake up the next day, it doesn't start over again.

    If it makes you feel any better, my 4 year old is going through the 'Kristopher" stage too. I thought I had it all figured out after my son. Then my daughter starts it. To add to the mix, she's adopted. So then you start trying to figure out if it's adoption related or not. Then you just throw up your hands and say, whichever, the actions are not good and must be dealt with. So we are back to the basics with her. Very basics.

    I hope you feel better soon and that today is better.


  6. What a day, if you ever need a night out again, I'm totally available just call when you need a hand!
    -Bethany Williams

  7. Meredith, I'm so sorry you had such a bad day! I had mine yesterday so I know how you feel, morning all day sickness, animal poop and all! Praying for better days for you!!