Saturday, December 04, 2010


Not often, but occasionally, we get comments on the blog or FB that say just WHY.  And really, that's the biggest question we're asked over seas as well.

WHY do you add to your family this way?

WHY did you choose the ones that are the most vulnerable?

WHY would you leave your family to go overseas for these kids?

This is why.

I don't need to add a single thing to it. This is EXACTLY why we would spend 42 thousand dollars and travel the ocean 4 times for two little lives. It's exactly why we trust that God is big enough, strong enough, loving enough-- to take care of us ALL once we are home together. Because we ARE God's body.

God rescues the weak and the vulnerable THROUGH HIS BODY. Heroes are made because they are MOVED in their HEART. It's not the head knowledge, it's the life abandonment to the lives around us. Will we grieve for God's children who are hungry, unloved, and waiting for someone to rescue them? 

Christianity is taking the behavior and nature of Jesus Christ and transplanting it into the heart of men and women on earth, so they behave not like this world, but like Heaven. They are different! 

Watch. Maybe, just maybe, this will help explain why we are "this crazy" for the children of the world...

This is why.

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  1. this is without doubt the best video I have ever seen in my life, thank you for sharing it and explaining your passion, thank you fo being God´s hand and feet on earth and thank you for caring about those childre, thank you for making me realize thta I have to make a difference. Thank you.