Sunday, December 26, 2010

From their point of view

I've been enjoying spending time on Skype with my family even though we're on the other side of the world!  Aleksa has gotten interested in looking at our photo album, and she's now recognizing that Mommy and Daddy are in the pictures with all those other little kids... and... they're with Daddy on the computer too.  Hmm...

I think she's beginning to understand that they are in some way involved in her life.  Of course, these two have NO idea what awaits them!

It's interesting to look at life from their viewpoint.  These two people came and visited me, and everyone called them Mama and Papa.  They came, brought toys, and  hung out for a bit.  They don't let me get away with things, but they comfort me when I cry too.  Then, they stop coming.  A while later, Mama shows back up with someone else, that must be another Mama but everyone calls her Mrs. Chris.  The two Mamas take me in a car and we drive for a long time then go to a bedroom.  It has a TV, a kitchen, and a couch... all in one room.  There's another kid there too who I've never seen before.  They don't speak in a way I can understand and they do things weird.  There's a tent on the floor with an air mattress for one bed and the other of us shares a bed with Mama 1.  Mrs. Chris sleeps on the bed that folds out of the couch.

Mama feeds us lots of times each day and gives me drinks in a weird cup with a lid.  We watch TV and the two Mamas play with us.  We go outside and walk a LOT.  There are lots of stairs and TONS of adults.  More kids, ones I don't know.  Those people all talk so I can understand them.  There's food places that I can't eat it but sometimes we carry it for a while then eat it after we're home.

Other people that talk like the Mamas visit us and want to play with us and sometimes we play, sometimes we cry or get shy or angry.  Why do they come?

Mama puts us in clean clothes every day and every night and changes our diapers all the time.  Every time we're hungry there is food and drink.  When I'm bored Mama and Mrs. Chris play with me.  When Mama has left, she always comes back quickly and brings food and drinks with her.

We get baths all the time and it's warm and I get to play in it.  Mama brushes my teeth all the time and kisses my face and all over.  Every day we do everything the same.  Eat, walk, change clothes, play, and sleep...

As much as we can talk about an airplane... and America... and brothers and sisters... I know they have NO idea what lays ahead!

I can't wait to introduce them to their brothers and sisters, their grandparents, their new bedrooms and toys and house... I can't wait to see them play with their siblings and eat at our table at home, and to introduce them to their church family that has been praying them home!

As we look forward to this week, and we begin packing and looking at the final days here, it makes me realize just how much in their world has changed and is about to change!

Tomorrow is our final visa appointment and we should be ready to leave without hitch on Wednesday for our early flights through Munich!



  1. Oh, can't wait for you to get home! I went to youtube, and founds lots of videos of airplanes taking off and landing. I showed them to Axel several times in the last couple of days before we left. Always signing "airplane", and signing how airplanes take off and land, etc. The morning that we left, when I woke him up at 3:30 a.m. he looked at me and signed, "I, bed!" at me, all disgusted like "what are you doing waking me up when it's dark out?" But when I started getting him dressed, he looked at me and signed, "airplane" so I knew that he understood why I'd been showing him the videos.

  2. Oh Meredith I was so hoping you were home for Christmas. But I see you ARE in the home stretch.
    Love and prayers.