Friday, December 17, 2010

Did I mention

That Aleksa has decided I'm "Mama"?

No one told her that.  Not when I was around anyway.  I didn't refer to myself that way even until after she began saying it.

I'm sure sometime in the last month someone's said it... but it surprised me to have her look at me and say "mama... lilililibababeliliay" (or something like that... the Mama was intelligible as a language but I think the rest was not...).

And when she hated me for making her take a melatonin pill since it was 1130 and she was bouncing off the walls?  She called for...


I guess that's Dad?

Time for bed.  Got my shower, now it's 2am.  I sure hope she sleeps in...


  1. just caught up on the last three posts, william has been in the hospital. so happy to hear you have your little one. Please tell me how her institution was. I thought that most children did not survive and/or not allowed to be adopted once there. was she is a "better" institution than most. just curious but so thankful for all God has gotten you all through

  2. Liquid melatonin, my dear! We use Physiologics Liquid Melatonin and give him a dropperful. He likes it. It has seriously been one of the best things we have done for him. He is much better rested and so are we. If we run out of that we put a pill in some applesauce and give him a soup spoon full. He gulps it right down. I am so happy that you have her!

  3. What a smart girl! We use the liquid melatonin as well, it's great!

  4. So thankful Aleksa is yours. It sounds as if she is a very sweet, affectionate little girl with a lot of determination, all of which will serve her well once she adjusts to the many (wonderful!) changes in her life.

    Congratulations, and best wishes for a continuing pleasant adoption journey!

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to two from Ukraine