Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We're ready!

We accomplished everything we needed to get done today, though we missed a meetup that someone was hoping for (a missionary friend).  But we got up, packed, kids dressed, we met up with Misha one last time (he gave us chocolates from Zhytomir! Cute!) and then headed out to find a 'nasal syringe' and some groceries.  Once we'd accomplished that we headed back to the apartment and took to town with Wesley.  Unfortunately, he's been a bit "stuck" this week and hasn't had a BM since I got him last Monday.  We've been giving him Lactulose since Thursday but to no avail.  So, the nasal syringe became an enema and eventually we accomplished poop.  FUN FUN.  It took over an hour because the poor little guy was SO stuck that it wasn't going to happen on its own no matter what :(

Anyway, after that fun fun stuff we left and met up with 4 other adoptive families that ALL have custody of their new little ones and we had dinner together!  What a fun time we've had getting to know some of the families that were the last of "my" families with Reece's Rainbow.  They are the last few that I really got to see all the way up to being submitted and then many of them I met on their way IN to Ukraine and now got to meet them on their way out! :)  It was fun!

After dinner we came up to the apartment and finished up packing and gave baths, put the kids in PJs and had Irina and Sergei come by.  They run the B&B that we'd stayed at previously and came to meet the kids and I had some things I wanted to send home with them.

After that brief visit we finished up with the room and I started getting the kids to sleep and Skyped with Michael quickly.  He was busy and doing other things at work and we didn't talk long.  Finally the kids are asleep and Chris got her shower.  I'm next!

We'll be getting up at about 3:30 tomorrow morning and have a car coming to get us at 4:15.  It will be a short night here!  We'll be flying for 24 hours from the time we leave this apartment until we land in Orlando!

If anyone's interested in meeting us at the airport, talk with Michael.  I'm not sure if he's having a group or if he's just going to come pick us up.  I left that with him since he'd be the one that has to get the kids together and out if they're coming to the airport.  We'll be in on Wednesday night.

Off we go, next post will probably be from the USA!!


  1. wow! Finally;) I'll be incredibly happy to see you guys are all home;)

  2. I don't know you personally, but I've followed your adoption journey and would LOVE to see you arrive at the airport with your babies!!! Unfortunately, I'm no where near Orlando. I'll have to settle for any pictures you provide! Safe travels and God bless!

  3. So excited you're almost home! It's been wonderful reading your adoption story. :)

  4. Hope you have a safe trip! I have been following "M" since Adeye posted about him on her blog. I also have a son w/DS. Blessings to you as you start this new, exciting journey!

  5. So glad you got to meet up with some RR families. That was something I enjoyed while over there. I can't tell you how happy I am that you guys are FINALLY heading home. Safe travels!!!

  6. Safe travels!!!!So wonderful to see you guys come home!!!

    Anna Rundall